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How to fix your instagram even if you're completely broke
The only thing you really need is your phone, hopefully an iphone, but really any smartphone with a camera will work these days, and an internet connection. Step one: google best instagrammable places in (insert your city) Step two: make a post on MOA saying, hey I'm going to get photos at this place, DM me if you'd like to get photos there too Step three: go there and take the photos Step four: rinse and repeat step 1 to 3 for the best restaurants, bars, hotels, museums in your city. Common objections: 1. I don't have money - go the cheapest places at first, or go there and order the cheapest thing. Social media is fake and I'm ok with it. Also get a job 2. I don't have any friends to do this with - make friends with guys on MOA or buy a tripod 3. I don't know how to make friends - read how to win friends and influence people 4. I don't know how to take good pictures - google rule of thirds and post the photos you take on the MOA forum and ask for feedback Literally impossible not to succeed. Just go out and be okay with sucking. Nobody cares, nobody will remember you.
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Holy shit, I really needed this.
Proper Preparation
So every since I found this group I realized that I need to upgrade my life first before I can really do any of the steps in full depth. Before I get started I'm going to have to get my own place and car, alongside a lot of valuable skills. So I've just been hired full time for 3 positions that pay well and are very diverse. With these jobs I'm going to utilize each skill that I will need to excel at them in networking and Self - Improvement. Right now I am Setting myself up so that I will be able to fully utilize the MOA strategies taught here A couple weeks before spring. I will go more into depth as I began to document my progress The first week of 2024 until Spring. Thoughts?
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@Vittorio Oratore Perhaps You have a point here
Instagram followers for social proof
Been testing some stuff and was able to get a brand new account to 500+ followers in 6 hours. I don’t care about the quality I’m only using it to generate status on my prospect’s mind. After all of you approach a model and she sees that you have 3x more followers than her she might pay more attention to you (considering you also have good content) Gonna post updates soon. Goal is 10k than 50k than 100k Update 01: over 1k followers now.
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@Gabriel Araujo this is very impressive and inspiring.
Aye Fellas, I've Been keeping up with my usual morning routine lately and I'm looking to make some changes to keep it fresh. What kind of Routine do you guys have, Perhaps you can inspire me.
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No, She's literally has the body build of a warrior. She's strictly for sex only and that if she's sexually appealing enough.
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