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7 contributions to Men of Action Forum
Flirting with women while "treating them all the same".
I am starting to make more female friends (thanks MOA), and I have come across situations where I stop myself from falling into some bad habits of "showing intent". I was wondering, how does one still flirt (if at all) while "treating them all the same"? I'd think that flirting breaks the "treat them all the same" idea since that isn't something id do with my guy friends. So would the idea be that flirting should really only happen after she has clearly shown interest? Or is it that flirting becomes unnecessary once your local-status is high enough? Maybe there is another viewpoint i'm not considering. I wouldn't want to shoot myself in the foot by falling into old habits. I'm growing fond of the circles i'm cultivating, so i'd would rather not be incongruent in my actions. Thanks Fellas! @carnegiexanatos
New comment Feb 11
3 likes • Jan 31
What's your definition of flirting? To me flirting is being playful with everyone whether it's a hot 21 year old or old lady, making them feel sexy and beautiful etc. It can come from appreciation and a ball busting kind of mindset rather than a thirsty and desperate mindset.
Jan 27 
🥰 Dating
What to do after She gave her no.
What should I do after she gave her no , Should I call her or message her. Tell me in both cases if call then what should I say & if message then what should be my message . I am kind of stuck at this situation even if I her no. Any suggestions ?
New comment Feb 5
1 like • Jan 31
@Sam K what was the context of her giving you the number? did you make plans to meet and go for drinks? nobody know why she gave you her number haha
Hi gents, I'm Bryan and currently based in Singapore. Currently transitioning to tech sales and also help businesses with copywriting on the side. If that interests you feel free to dm. Happy to help with a free 30mins sesh. Looking to reorganize my life and meet more chill guys and girls haha. Did my first surfing trip in Bali May last year. Was great. Looking to do two Bali surf trips between April - Oct every year. Drop me a dm if that sounds fun to you. Would love to connect!
New comment Feb 3
How to fix your instagram even if you're completely broke
The only thing you really need is your phone, hopefully an iphone, but really any smartphone with a camera will work these days, and an internet connection. Step one: google best instagrammable places in (insert your city) Step two: make a post on MOA saying, hey I'm going to get photos at this place, DM me if you'd like to get photos there too Step three: go there and take the photos Step four: rinse and repeat step 1 to 3 for the best restaurants, bars, hotels, museums in your city. Common objections: 1. I don't have money - go the cheapest places at first, or go there and order the cheapest thing. Social media is fake and I'm ok with it. Also get a job 2. I don't have any friends to do this with - make friends with guys on MOA or buy a tripod 3. I don't know how to make friends - read how to win friends and influence people 4. I don't know how to take good pictures - google rule of thirds and post the photos you take on the MOA forum and ask for feedback Literally impossible not to succeed. Just go out and be okay with sucking. Nobody cares, nobody will remember you.
New comment Jan 27
2 likes • Jan 16
@Oluwole Akeredolu Agree! Left it out because wanted to reduce the overwhelm
Wes Watson and staying true to the message.
I was talking to a friend who thought I was crazy to want to start making social media content even though I haven't reached any fantastic financial milestones yet. Wes says that if you forget about reaching goals and just live true to your purpose of service and align your life with that message then you should not be disallowing yourself from acting how you would IF you were rich. His main point is that if you are on a path to self mastery that it never ends so waiting to live life to any extent before you reach goal means either the behavior would be fake or you are being fake now... What are your guys thought on doing before teaching vs sharing the message and the journey.
New comment Jan 16
1 like • Jan 15
If you're not sure what you're doing, documenting what you're doing is infinitely more valuable than telling people what to do.
1 like • Jan 16
@Kyle Mullaney 100% TLDR documenting your progress is actually insanely valuable to yourself even if it's less valuable to other people and will actually make you improve much faster
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