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Turning Pro Group: like-minded people embracing the professional mindset & practices inspired by Steven Pressfield with accountability systems.


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The Ad Men Mastermind Aftermovie (Watch Now
Hey Ad Men, happy Saturday! We just released The Official Ad Men Mastermind Aftermovie (DAY 1) 🎥 You can watch the entire video here: In this 3-part series, you’ll get an exclusive behind the scenes look at all the epic-ness that took place this past New Years Eve in Miami, as we hosted our very first ever in person mastermind event! Next week, we’ll drop DAT 2, and then DAY 3 the week after 🫡 Enjoy 🥂 -Brian ‘Ad Men’ Moncada
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Now that's a wide aspect ratio! Nice
Start Here!
Welcome to the Skool! The goal of this group is to help coaches, course creators, and agency owners scale with YouTube Ads. Here at, we've spent over $50m on YouTube Ads in the last 3-years for the biggest names/brands in the info-marketing industry. Our mission is to educate the world through advertising, as we believe that the right information, presented to the right person, at the right time, with the right offer, can change their lives forever! But to do this profitably, you need to learn how to create and run ads that convert cold traffic into high-ticket clients... and that's exactly why we created this free Skool group :) So start here by checking out these links: - Classroom - Mastermind - YouTube - Twitter - Work With Inside of the classroom, you'll see that we give you access to our agency's entire YouTube Ads creative module, but some of the other modules are LOCKED... To unlock them, you have to "level up" by getting likes on your posts or comments inside the community. This encourages everyone to be active inside the group and share valuable content so that you can unlock more free bonuses and level up on the leaderboard. NOTE: This does not mean spam everyone by posting a bunch of irrelevant things OR start liking your own posts/comments, those don't count contribute towards your level anyways. Also, if you're just here to look around, be a spectator, and simply take from the group but not give anything back in return... you will be kicked after 30-days of inactivity. Skool allows us to see when you're last active, so we'll clean house every month and ensure this group remains high-quality. To kick things off, please comment below introducing yourself. Let us know: 1. Your name 2. Your business, what you do and who you help 3. What project you're currently focused on
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@Tinuola Fasasi thanks!
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@Aaron Watson welcome!
I have Good news & Bad news...
Okay Ad Men, I have some good news and bad news... The good news is... We're officially 1-week away from our Free Skool Community's 1-year anniversary! Can you believe it? It's almost been an entire YEAR since we launched this Free Skool Community to the public... And to date, we've grown to over 3,600+ members! All of which are coaches, course creators, and agency owners who just like YOU, want to learn how to create and run profitable YouTube Ads too... But now, the BAD news... This Sunday, March 3rd... we will be removing anyone in our Skool community who hasn't been active in the last 6-months! And by being active, I mean you've actually logged in to the community, liked or commented on someone else's post, made a post of your own, OR simply watched some of the FREE course content inside of the classroom. The reason we're doing this? Simple... We want to clean up our community to make sure that everyone who's in there, actually wants to be there. So if you're reading this, and you may have once joined, but are no longer active... And you still want to keep: 💰 Instant Access To Our Agency's 7-Figure YouTube Ads Mini-Course Which Gives You Step-By-Step Instructions To Creating High-ROI YouTube Ads (Including Our Script Template, Swipe File, And VSL Frameworks!) 💰 BONUS Live Ad Account Audits - See Us Review Real Client's Ad Accounts, Campaigns, Targeting, AND Creatives To Help Them Optimize & Scale 💰 SECRET BONUS: A ‘Peek' Behind The Scenes’ At Our ‘Ad Men Mastermind’ Where You’ll Connect + Collaborate With My Team (As If It Were Yours) PLUS have the ability to ask me and my team questions, network with the other members, and learn more advanced scaling strategies for 2024... Then show us that you still want to be apart of the community by... #1) Liking or commenting on someone else's post... OR #2) Creating a post of your own and sharing your BIGGEST persona/professional WIN since the start of 2024! Again, the whole reason we created this community in the first place was to bring more coaches, course creators, and agency owners together, so that we can all help each other grow faster and further by learning from each another!Because our mission here at Adspend is to:
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culling is healthy for the whole.
Why you can't scale... (THE MIRROR PRINCIPLE)
Back in college, my Junior year at Arizona State University, I read a book called 'The Compound Effect'... And this book taught me a VERY life-changing principle that has helped me: 1. Make more money 2. Close more deals 3. ...And attract the right people (clients, team, wife ;) It was written by a man named Darren Hardy, and Darren was mentored by the late, great Jim Rohn. Jim Rohn also mentored Tony Robbins. So Darren learned a lot from Tony Robbins too... And in the book, Darren shares how learned this SAME principle from Tony, that allowed HIM to attract his DREAM wife... into his life. Here's how he did it: 1. He wrote down EXACTLY what he wanted in his ideal partner... EXACTLY how she looked... hair color, eye color, skin color, body type, and smile. EXACTLY how she acted... how she laughed, how she talked, how she treated others, etc.... And EXACTLY what she valued... family, friends, fitness, relationships, religion, personal growth, etc. In total, he wrote about 40 pages worth of notes describing his dream wife! But, he wasn't done yet... The MOST important step came next... He looked at this list of EVERYTHING he wanted in his DREAM wife... 2. Then he wrote down EVERYTHING that SHE would want in her DREAM husband. EXACTLY how HE would look... EXACTLY how HE would act... EXACTLY what HE would value... So he wrote another 40 pages on just what HE needed to be, for her!And what this did, was allow him to realize that in order to ATTRACT the wife he dreamed of marrying... He first had to BECOME the husband SHE would WANT to marry... Then, he got work... on becoming that person... And a few years later, he married her... He literally attracted her into his life, and she was exactly who he described she would be, in his 40 pages worth of notes lol. Now, what does this mean for YOU and why should you care? Well, I talk to a lot of coaches, course creators, and agency owners who all want the same thing... To SCALE... To get MORE clients...
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Curious, was that book part of a particular course's curriculum? When I bought it a few years ago, I paid my kids $20 to read it because it was so refreshing and enlightening compared to what I had come across in college.
If you're team meetings don't come close to fisticuffs, you're doing them wrong...
I used to hate conflict... In fact, there's nothing that would make me MORE nervous as a leader, than when my team would argue, yell at one another, and almost come close to fighting each other... Yeah, like physically fighting lol.And no, our arguments and debates as a team never ever went THAT far... thankfully! BUT... I've learned that they should come at least VERY VERY close.Sounds weird right?I thought so too... until I read the book: "The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team" by Patrick Lencioni In this book, they describe how Team Meetings SHOULD have CONFLICT. Here's an example from the book as to why: - “How many of you would rather go to a meeting than a movie?” No hands went up. “Why not?” After a pause, Jeff realized that her question was not a rhetorical one. “Because movies are more interesting. Even the bad ones.” His peers chuckled.Kathryn smiled. “Right. But if you really think about it, meetings should be at least as interesting as movies.” - And after reading that, one of the most memorable scenes from the best TV Show in the world, Mad Men, came to my mind immediately... It's the scene where Pete Campbell and Layne Price start fighting each other in the office. You see, Pete is kind of a weasel... he'll manipulate you, lie to you, and twist the truth to get his way... but he's damn good at his job. And Layne is the opposite, he's usually pretty reserved, kind, and soft spoken... but this time, Pete stepped over the line. He insulted Layne right in front of the other board members, and expected him to just take it.But that's not what happened... Instead, what happened was, Layne got up, took his suit jacket off, and told him to put his dukes up, because they were going to fight. And fight is exactly what they did... They punched, jabbed, and hit each other... until ultimately, Pete was the one lying flat on the floor... Now, what does this all have to do with YOU and why should you care lol..? Well, it doesn't mean that your team meetings should be an all out war...
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Totally agree. Ray Dalio's version of this is "radical transparency." I have worked in government, larger corporations, and small businesses and it's always the same: most people can't handle it. I think it is not only an effective way for a business to get extremely valuable honest feedback and ideas, having this kind of culture at work can act as a filter for good employees. If you can fill a conference room with people who have thick skin, passion, but are working in everyone's best interest, the potential is limitless.
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