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Dé community voor coaches die hun bedrijf willen opschalen met Facebook advertenties, webinars én een bizarre impact in hun markt willen maken!


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You will get kicked/banned if you do this...
Quick reminder to not be THAT guy... THAT guy who does posts like these inside of our free Skool community... THAT guy who posts some stupid thing not even related to paid ads and scaling inside a community clearly about scaling with paid ads... THAT guy who asks people to comment/reply or DM them to get some free resource sent over to them vs. just posting it for free, for everyone to see... If you do this, you will automatically get kicked/banned. This is lvl 1 stage awareness stuff here gents... Don't do it. Just be cool... and share stuff that's helping you specifically RELATED to scaling your agency, course/coaching biz with paid ads... You'll get people who talk to you or ask you for your help purely off that. Simple really.
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@Brian Moncada Thanks for banning these people. What a mess to make use of someone else's community like this
Don't use this group for outreach... :)
Hi guys, I've also talked to Brian about this. but I've noticed (for the past month or so) that I've been getting a lot of direct messages from people trying to outreach me to 'schedule in a call'. If you do get people outreaching you, please give a heads-up to the admins of the group. Thanks! Let's keep providing value to one another!
New comment Jul '23
Future Ad Men, we have a question for you... So look, we created this FREE community with one thing in mind... To help more info-business owners and agency owners who sell life-changing courses, coaching, and masterminds scale with YouTube Ads... And so far, the community has been grown to a point where we feel it might be necessary for us as an agency to be more active and present so that we can give you that EXTRA value you need to help you accomplish your goals. And that comes with a question... YOU, an Skool group member, and future Ad Man... What do YOU want to learn more about in the next 3-months that we can create more content around inside this free community? Nothing is off limits here, so you can be as creative as you want with your requests... The only rule is, the top 3 comments with the MOST likes will be our pick. So please, help us help you... -Brian "community first" Moncada
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What are the succesfactors of paid traffic?
I Just Spent Well North Of $50,000 On A Party… For Marketers
Yupp... that’s what just spent on our end of the year Mastermind Celebration. And to prove I’m not full of… I've attached an email showing the signing of the completed contract for the hotel/venue where we will be hosting it! To refresh your memory, at we’re not just probably the most sought after DFY YouTube Ads Agency. We also heavily invest in education and experiences worth remembering. That’s why we host the Ad Men Mastermind. Inside, we have our entire $50M YouTube Ads playbook, we invite the top-notch marketing consultants to host trainings for our members, and even do weekly Q&A calls to do consulting LIVE for our Ad Men. (And Ad Women now too) But that’s just to be expected. Right? Same as Mastermind-ing with people from all over the world in person… So that’s what we did. We put together a 3-day in person celebration for our Mastermind members, and here’s exactly what’s happening: So far we’ve spent a bit more than $50k setting up the first edition of the Ad Men End of the Year Celebration, where 25 Ad Men will come to learn about what’s working on the YouTube Ad landscape TODAY… So they can scale their agencies or their businesses as soon as TOMORROW. Not to mention we’re spending 3 days in Miami, Florida, soaking up the sun and fresh breeze from the beach… …and celebrating New Years on Miami’s BIGGEST Yacht while sipping champagne, smoking cigars, and smiling while thinking back on just how far we’ve come… (While learning next-level scaling strategies and tactics to grow your business, because this is also about obviously ;) All this to say… The Ad Men Mastermind EOY Celebration is taking place this December 29th to the 31st, 2023, and the only way to attend is by becoming an Ad Men. Obviously. And the coolest part is… It’ll also be THE FIRST time our whole team will come together, in person!People from the United States, the Philippines, Chile, Colombia etc…
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@Mika Karthe Wanna go together? :D
Japanese Webinar doesn't work ???
Hello to everyone I did some YouTube advertising for a client specialising in Japanese, after spending $440 on advertising for 7d we only had 54 registrants and 17 people live at the webinar for 0 sales. While on Facebook Ads with the same budget she had an average of 700 registrants for 200 live and 20 sales (she sells $800 products) Even if you don't have all the details, do you think that some niches are not made for YouTube advertising? Or is the problem potentially elsewhere? Thanks for your help guys
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@Perrigault Valentin Think about checking out the webinar as well. I think there is a niché for this. Not mass market like @Brian Moncada is talking about (which works 90% better) but for this client it's really about setting up the conversion engine right + the proper curiosity for learning languages. it's very hard scaling these type of ads but then again, look at a company like duolingo who has massive succes with this.
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