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Skool Comm Classroom
A few of the free skool courses we unlock in here are empty, no content. Why don’t we add the best free trainings, lessons, explainer videos on how to get the best out of skool to these courses? Content is already made and just needs to be added in a few clicks, I know I’ve made some stuff that will teach beginners here stuff I didn’t sell anything in the free trainings btw, just some value for the community
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3,000 FREE Leads From Skool? Skool SEO Explained
Wanted to build upon Sam's post the other day about how a Skool group got 3000 clicks from a member post through SEO. In this video I cover: - How Skool SEO works and how you can use it (Also why this is the only platform this works on) - How to convert the clicks into leads for your info business - How to convert the leads into paying customers using appointment setters + Skool's Auto-DM feature Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want more Skool-specific tutorials and videos like this :)
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@Jamie Atkinson yes Downsides, if you don’t wanna show off your community posts you must be private You can easily lock classroom courses by setting them to unlock at level 1
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@Mariah Coz should be fine, go for it!
$51,563 in our first 30 Days on Skool - Full Breakdown
Hey folks, Wanted to share some value on how we cracked $50K in our first 30 days with a new offer and $0 adspend with Skool. I've attached proof and a Figjam diagram that breaks down how I structure my offer, funnel, traffic, and team. I recorded a video explaining everything and relating it back to a concept I learned from @Sam Ovens earlier this year and you can find it: Here I hope this is valuable to you and if you have any questions at all I'm happy to answer them in the comments or DMs! Matt
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@Tyler Chandler Shot you a DM!
How we tripled our revenue using Skool...
Ring the bell! Streamlining our front-end sales and back-end fulfillment systems was the key to tripling our revenue over 12 months... Skool helped us steamline the back-end - we used to be on Slack + Kajabi. Getting a closer streamlined the font-end - Our closer made $8k in his first 30 days with us with no high-ticket sales experience since our product was so good. ​ A big part of this is because our offer is so unique: YouTube ads for real estate agents. And because we have an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee! ​ We actually have too many leads wanting to work with us that he can handle… and I’m looking for a 2nd closer. We're about to launch a back-end offer too, with Skool still. ​ Let's get it guys
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If you're looking for any performance based setters hit me up my man, these numbers are incredible!
$22,622 in 7 Days 🔥
We just launched our new offer taking beginners and turning them into high paid appointment setters... First 7 days we hit $22,622 cash collected! We use Skool to train students, manage role plays where they can practice appointment setting, and host our entire program! We did this with $0 adspend, just a well nurtured community on IG and our Free Skool group. Students love our program and we love Skool! We're about to start placing our setters with coaches who want to get results like ours, and I've already set up our free community for coaches! Thanks for all the hard work team! 🚀
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