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Facebook ads
Anyone running profitable fb ads to their community? I know exactly who I can help I just don’t see any way other than social media ads or providing value in groups.
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@Dave Heraud
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Who’s the noob?
Completely outta nowhere. Just hitting #4 Get it @Ryan Duncan
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Who’s the noob?
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lets get the word out 🗣️
whats your personal or favorite community?
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@Sarah Hankins Sarah, you are the absolute best!
A Testing Strategy That’s Getting Results For New Skool Groups
I've noticed a trend with new Skool group owners running Facebook Ads, especially those without an email list or a mature pixel (this includes me). They start too consolidated and broad. The testing structure that seems to be working really well is to start with an initial ABO (ad set budget) test campaign to identify which creatives resonate with the audience. This is a simple setup where you run broad, lookalike, and/or interests with 5 creatives in each ad set. Once an ad breaks out, the next step is to pull that ad into a new campaign and duplicate it into several different audiences, like broad and lookalikes. This is also an ABO. Running several versions of the same ad helps different pockets get served. This method amplifies the impact of the winning creative or helps you understand if it's actually a winner. After running that setup for a few weeks you may have enough winners to finally dabble with a more dynamic campaign. This would be a CBO with all top winners from the last several weeks of tests, allowing Facebook to dynamically pick and spend on the best-performing ads.f The biggest mistake many new accounts make is jumping into a consolidated campaign too quickly. Starting with an ASC (Advantage Shopping Campaign) or a CBO right away can be problematic because Facebook isn't very good at picking winners for new pixels. This phased approach—ABO first, then CBO, and finally maybe ASC—is what seems to be what is working right now for new Skool groups.
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A Testing Strategy That’s Getting Results For New Skool Groups
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I've Been Growing My Group With Ads (Without Social Media)
(OPINION < THIS IS WHAT I THINK. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. YOU DO YOU) I think relying on social media to launch something new is no longer the best approach for most average people. Sure, if you're already famous or have an exceptionally magnetic personality, social media might be cool for you. But for the average person trying to start a Skool community, running ads can be far more effective. Building a successful Skool requires zero social media following. If you're just starting out and don’t have a following, building one while simultaneously launching your Skool community is an enormous amount of work. It's seriously taxing. If you're like me, you'll burn out doing that. For me I wanted to launch my Skool and start delivering value to people without the hassle of the algorithm (talking IG, TikTok, FB). From my personal experience, it took years to build an IG following for my clothing brand, and it was a grind. These days, I use ads because they fit my lifestyle better. I no longer want to hustle endlessly to get eyes on my community. I'm not up for 18-hour workdays anymore. I have a family, a baby, and I want to optimize my time. I also don't want my little girl to see me glued to my phone or computer screen all the time. I want to spend most of my time with my kid, not in front of a camera or endlessly scrolling through trends so I can strike up viral videos. Running ads reliably reaches my audience every single day. No algo drama. No chasing trends. It's straightforward: invest money, get results. Yes, results have a margin of variation. The diminishing reach on platforms like IG, where I have roughly 40k followers for my clothing brand but can really only reach 3k or 4k of them with a post, stresses me out. Before I joined Skool I was asking myself why I pour energy into a platform that doesn't show my content to my audience? Thats why I joined this place! I’m not personally well-known. My successful clothing brand isn’t attached to me as a person. Sure, my name's in there, but I don’t associate my likeness with it because I’m not interested in building a personal brand. I wanted my brand to stand alone without me so I could live a private life.
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I've Been Growing My Group With Ads (Without Social Media)
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