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80 Plugins For ChatGPT
Interesting discovery by Rez__ on twitter that ChatGPT already has 80 plugins from 3rd party developers. He discovered this when using the API and open AI has since closed access to this slip up.
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80 Plugins For ChatGPT
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Here's the latest on ChatGPT Plus offerings: I had to look at the date stamp on this article to make sure it's "current". 🤣 It's only 3 days ago but in the land of AI that could mean lightyears ago.
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@Birgitta Granstrom I'm in that mode, trying to find balance and yet stay up on everything! I find at the end of every day I still could use at least another 8 hours to get to where I'd like to be. 😶
Annoying pop up plug-ins
I have tons of plug-ins and extensions and call myself an "app addict":-) I love to discover new ones, and I add all the great ones, which results in me having so many I maybe forget the best ones:-) I'm in recovery and working on being more restrictive and analyzing what apps are useful, and I do my best to avoid those "fun to have"? Is anyone who can relate? 😂 The pics are special for you @Mary Kuchnicki. The latest plug-in is the ChatGPT sidebar, which is good, but maybe it's one too many since Grammarly is doing a great (and I think better job.) When I was looking for another pop-up that didn't show, I opened up a Google Doc and found two more plug-ins I had forgotten about.😂 So I went to my webpage to call for it:-) The color thing catches texts from websites, but I never really use it because I think they are saved on a platform. (This is a typical example of when I'm thinking, "I have to check - later"😂 I think this will be a great thread and a reason to do a clean-up among apps and extensions.
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Annoying pop up plug-ins
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@Birgitta Granstrom I have too many as well and end up not using any of them. I actually have a document that I built off of @Jason West (shameless plug) Skool content that does a step by step set of prompts for building titles, outlines, web content, etc which I use. 😁 I do some refining with @Chris Chenault expert prompts. So, now that we have this section moving along -- which plug-ins actually help? Why & When? Which have you used and kept and which have you abandoned? In one of Jason's vids he mentioned 80 plug-ins and today I read that ChatGPT has integrated 70 plug-ins into the PLUS version. That's a whole lot of plug-ins! Do we really need all that? Maybe I'm old fashion but I actually like building my own prompts (or maybe I'm just a control freak)... 🤔
Plug-In Category? And How About one for AI Competitors, too?
I'm noticing a lot of chatter about new plug-ins from a number of sites and folks in the forum. Do we need a new category to house all this and make it easier to track ones we want to play with? The Prompt Category has been simply awesome and I love grabbing all the content from that category. I'd like to know what plug-ins people are playing with and why some are adopted and other abandoned outright. Currently, they are mixed into several categories. Another area for a possible new category is the various competitors and versions to ChatGPT - i.e., HuggingChat, Antropic AI (built by OpenAI Engineers who are teaching AI to have a conscience), MindVerse, Pryon, One AI... Lots more to track and consider; the mash up makes it more natural and conversational but harder to know who is doing what. I'd especially like to track what people think and why - how does the new competitor compare against OpenAI. Just a couple of random thoughts before I head off to post more Antiques [thanks to the hard work of GPT and all of you Prompt Engineers]. 😃
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@Birgitta Granstrom Excellent Suggestion!
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@Jason West Excellent! I plan to watch that one as close as the Prompts; I especially love to see the Pros/Cons and Whens of each. @Birgitta Granstrom You had some thoughts on annoying Pop-ups; I'd love to know which ones to avoid. 😃
Acesss to ChatGPT plug-ins
Any idea on when the plugins will be available for access to ChatGPT plus users/ or when the data in the model be updated from 2021 to current time?
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@Nikhil T It's available to Plus Members this week. It's accessible on the left side pane under Settings --> Beta Features -->; browse functions are included for Plus Members and GPT4 looks to be the default now.
Death of SEO As We know It? ⚰️
Hey chatGPT community! 👋 I've uploaded a fresh new video to YouTube that I think you'll find interesting. 🎥 In it, I'm diving deep into Google's big IO event of 2023, discussing their major shift towards integrating AI into their products and services but mainly, search. 🚀 I think Google AI integration could cause a lot of problems for businesses relying on free traffic from search results pages. I also do a side-by-side comparison with Bing and Microsoft's use of OpenAI's technology. You'll get to see some exciting examples from Google's presentation and insights into how this could change the future of search, shopping online, and SEO. 🛍️🔍
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Death of SEO As We know It? ⚰️
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@Jason West Very interesting turn of events. Considering that 71.33% of searchers tend to click on the top ten search results displayed on the first page of a search (Moz 2014), and taking into account the significant amount of space taken up by Generative AI results in Google AI and Bing AI, it is highly likely that many businesses, particularly small businesses, will find themselves marginalized and almost invisible, appearing at the bottom of the search results. What's the incentive to pay to be seen? 🤔
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