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Adding "knowledge" to a GPT
I am confused about how to add "knowledge" to a GPT. Does it accept pdfs, epubs? Does anyone have any information on how to use this feature? I am trying to get it to learn a particular editing system (Story Grid by Shawn Coyne). There are a lot of free articles based on this system...but they are all blog posts, not PDFs. It's not a problem to create PDFs of the article, but it would be nice to train the GPT on specific blog posts. Has anyone done this?
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@Tim Cakir What do you mean with "other databases"? I want it to get access to my information. I probably can't avoid this API thing any longer and I feel late to the table:-)
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Maybe things have changed since november, @Tim Cakir. I tried to upload txt files but it didn't take it so I tested a few qustions that only excist in the uploaded PDF:s and I received great answers..... but the GPT did now following it's incstructions:-)
A Happy New Year with a Prompt for Your Higher Self
I want to step in and say Thank you to all of You for a crazy 2023 and a special thanks to @Jason West for creating this community. It has been a fun, educational, and generous sharing place while the rest of the world caught up on ChatGPT. It's impressive to see how this community has grown and how people have engaged with great questions, knowledge, and inspiration. As always—in my utopia—I have big dreams and goals, and I hope you are preparing for your utopian year too. Having 2024 as the year of 8 is exciting. It's LifeSpider's number and my personal life path number, but 8 also stands for success, abundance, and leadership, something we all can benefit from. According to numerology, the number 8 represents the balance between the material and the spiritual, the practical and the visionary, the individual and the collective. It also symbolizes the ability to overcome obstacles and challenges and to manifest your desires into reality. If you resonate with this number, you can tap into its energy and vibration to align yourself with your true purpose and potential. You can also use my specially created ChatGPT-powered exercise, "A message from your Higher self," to connect with your inner wisdom and guidance. This exercise can help you gain clarity, confidence, and inspiration for your next steps. If you have already done it, you can do it again, as things may have changed in the last month of this year. Take some time to recharge and reflect on your 2023. I also hope you are satisfied and grateful for your achievements and experiences. I wish you a happy and prosperous new year! /Birgitta
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A Happy New Year with a Prompt for Your Higher Self
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I'm happy you seems to get it, @Alan Paul It is good to be reminded that we are all in different places. The exercise is empowering, but it could be renamed depending on who I share it with.
Google Gemini Misleading Demos?
Google might is too good at marketing and people too quick of not questioning.
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Google Gemini Misleading Demos?
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Matt is breaking it down how it really was made:
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You really can feel the race, @John Santos 😂 I think this is a good reminder to always have the critical mind on alert :-)
How I Grew My YouTube Channel to 100K Subscribers In 11 Months
This year, I managed to take my YouTube Channel from about 2,000 subscribers to 122k so I decided to make a video on my best tips to help you do the same as a thank you. 🙏 AI has played a big part in why it's happened but so has hard work and persistence. 💪 I hope you find the 11 Tips I share in this video helpful and at the end of the video, you can see how much my channel made in Ad revenue too 🤔 CHECK OUT THE VIDEO If you are already a subscriber, thanks again for helping me hit this milestone, and I hope I can continue to provide as much value as possible to you. 🙌 Cheers Jason West 🥂
New comment Nov '23
How I Grew My YouTube Channel to 100K Subscribers In 11 Months
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Super Mega Congrats, @Jason West Your way of woring is as inspiring as your work!
Coaching Bot
I'm super excited about using Fastbots to create my first ChatBots. The first one is a regular QA. This new bot I'm working on is an "AI-powered LifeSpider Coach™ chatbot! so all answers and questions are rooted in LifeSpider System's™ philosophy. This chatbot is designed to guide, challenge, and support people's personal growth journey. This is a bot where people dive into meaningful conversations, uncover deep insights, and embark on a path to passion, peace, and fulfillment. But, before I can let it go pro, it needs to be trained. So if anyone here is curious, it would be super helpful if you could ask questions and present issues to be challenged so I know what to adjust. Be serious you might even get some life empowerment:-) It's not fully loaded with all the information in LifeSpider Ology, but it's still impressive. So @Jason West, you'd better keep up your good work with Fastbots!:-) And while you are here. Which of those images do you think should be the avatar for the bot?
New comment Oct '23
 Coaching Bot
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Thank you for your generous feedback @Teresa Rosche Ott! I really appreciate it! It's great to hear about mobile use because I admit I haven't even thought about that. I guess it's a @Jason West thing:-) Can you educate me on "IFS"? At the moment, I have put the "privacy" issue a little on hold and assume that there is no absolute privacy. Thank you for the vote on the avatar, and I agree with you, so for now, it's the adult avatar. Maybe we can use the little one as a mascot as the talky one on social media:-)
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It was a good enough description @Teresa Rosche Ott for someone who now nothing but of course I got curious of ChatGPT's answer so I too the quick ask with Bing and received a long answer ....but the core was: is a type of psychotherapy that helps people understand and heal their inner parts..... IFS helps people access their Self and heal their parts by creating a safe and trusting relationship between them. IFS can be used to treat various conditions and symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, trauma, substance use, physical health problems, and more. IFS was developed by psychologist Richard Schwartz in the 1980s, inspired by his work as a family therapist. IFS is an evidence-based practice that is effective in several studies.
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