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YouTube Summarizer
Just realized ChatGPT simply refuses to do any summary of youtube videos nowadays as compared to when ChatGPT was launched. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on Actions API code for this instead?
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Is Devin Overhyped?
## The Devin Hype Devin has been hailed as a milestone in the evolution of AI, showcasing traits of AGI specifically tailored for software engineering. Its ability to demonstrate high levels of autonomy and adaptability, including debugging, learning from documentation, and applying fixes independently, has captured the attention of the tech world. Devin's successful performance in engineering interviews and real-world tasks on platforms like Upwork has further fueled the excitement, suggesting its readiness for practical applications. One of the most impressive aspects of Devin is its capacity to learn autonomously from new sources, such as blog posts, and apply that knowledge to tackle novel challenges. This advanced level of comprehension and application hints at the potential for Devin to significantly impact the software development industry by automating tasks and enhancing productivity. Devin’s proficiency in executing complex projects, from web development to setting up computer vision models, and its seamless integration of various tools to mimic human engineering workflows, further underscore its sophisticated capabilities. ## Criticism and Skepticism Despite the excitement surrounding Devin, critics have raised significant concerns about the hype and the validity of the claims made by Cognition Labs. Skeptics argue that Devin's functionalities are not entirely unique, and that similar outcomes have been achieved using existing AI agent frameworks such as AutoGen, CrewAI and ChatDev. They have demonstrated that many of the features showcased in Devin's demo can be replicated using the ChatGPT API and basic coding skills, questioning whether Devin truly represents a quantum leap in AI's role in software development. A closer examination of Cognition Labs' website and the preview URL for Devin has revealed several red flags that suggest the company may not be as sophisticated as it claims. For instance, the website itself appears to be of poor quality, raising questions about why Devin, if it is truly capable of advanced web development, has not been utilized to create a better site. Furthermore, the preview URL for Devin looks vastly different from what is shown in the promotional video, casting doubt on the authenticity of the showcased capabilities.
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Chatpt to webapplication
Thank you for adding me to this group. Im searching for some tutorials how I can add my own gpt that I have done in chat-openai-com to my website as a webapplication. Is this possible or do I need to build similar app somewhere else. I belive I need to use Assistans API. Does someone know more about this?
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Softr and Zapier Integration with ChatGPT
We're working through building an app, mostly using Zapier and Softr, that integrates with Chat GPT (team subscription) to help us do something low code. Anyone have experience doing this? We're looking for someone who can take a look at what we're doing, make recommendations, and potentially help us execute.
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UX wireframes
Does anyone know of AI programs that will draw up wireframes for an app?
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