Plug-In Category? And How About one for AI Competitors, too?

I'm noticing a lot of chatter about new plug-ins from a number of sites and folks in the forum. Do we need a new category to house all this and make it easier to track ones we want to play with? The Prompt Category has been simply awesome and I love grabbing all the content from that category. I'd like to know what plug-ins people are playing with and why some are adopted and other abandoned outright. Currently, they are mixed into several categories.

Another area for a possible new category is the various competitors and versions to ChatGPT - i.e., HuggingChat, Antropic AI (built by OpenAI Engineers who are teaching AI to have a conscience), MindVerse, Pryon, One AI... Lots more to track and consider; the mash up makes it more natural and conversational but harder to know who is doing what. I'd especially like to track what people think and why - how does the new competitor compare against OpenAI.

Just a couple of random thoughts before I head off to post more Antiques [thanks to the hard work of GPT and all of you Prompt Engineers]. 馃槂


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