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💥 Robb Palooza Black Friday is here! 💥
ROBB PALOOZA (Black Friday) is HERE!!! ``````````````````````````` Day 1: - HighLevel’s 50% Black Friday Deal + AGENCY MASTERS ELITE (FREE)! ``````````````````````````` Day 2: - Get 50% off AGENCY MASTERS ELITE Licensing Deal! (you sell keep 100% profit!) ``````````````````````````` Day 3: - Get $500 off Zappy Chat Unlimited! (plus free Open AI usage!) ``````````````````````````` Day 4: - Get Extendly's Ultimate Agency Bundle Discount! (+50 Client Onboardings) ``````````````````````````` Day 5: - Get 1 month of GHL Mastery's tech support calls + troubleshooting help for $7! ``````````````````````````` Day 6: ________ ? (tomorrow) ``````````````````````````` Each day i’ll announce 1 new deal thru EOY, starting with GHL’s biggest discount of the year - and our bonuses are INSANE! Subscribe to notifications by commenting "Palooza" or commenting on my FB post here:
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Palooza Robb
Facebook Ads?
Hey guys, I was wondering if you should connect FB ads to GHL - make workflows and automations to the CAPI? Or should the FB ads only lead to the forms from which the automations kick in when they've filled it?
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@Jay Templeton This is good thx
Bye Kyran
Wah wah
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Question on SMS over VOIP
I have a service that verifies mobile numbers for sms on local GBP pages. I also see a lot of VOIP numbers. I usually disregard those numbers however I know many VOIP providers allow messaging. Does anyone know of a 3rd party verification service that checks VOIP numbers on a list for sms/mms capabilities? I could ping them butI don't want to ruin my A2P or spam compliance with a bunch of error codes from bounced texts.
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@Ron Gibson I found one service but it only got me the carriers..Most of them seem to have text capabilities so I'll do a couple of innocent sms reach out tests to see.
List of Niches
Got this question a few times: what niches do you have covered in the campaign library? We developed our library via real agencies in our various coaching programs over the years. Having proven fitness results already, we used that as a starting place. Then, whenever we would encounter a niche we hadn't tackled yet, we'd work hand in hand with the agency to appropriate our verbiage/offers/etc., as needed to apply it to that niche, tweaking as needed over with their help and insight. That eventually evolved into the library as it exists today. The offer still stands by the way: if anyone is committed to a niche NOT currently found in the library, let me know and we'll help you develop it (in Elite of course!) Without further ado, the niches we've got covered already are as follows: - Fitness/Ma - Med Spa - HVAC - Chiroporactic - Buyers Real Estate - Sellers Real Estate - Dentist - Mortgage - Roofing - Solar - Hospitality - Plumbing - Custom Home Building - Auto Dealer - Pest Control - Physical Therapy - Landscaping - Massage - Microblading - Skincare - Wedding Venue - Personal Injury Attorney - Divorce Attorney - Health Insurance - IV Therapy - Homecare - Financial Advisor - Hair Salon - Veterinarian - Flooring - Restaurant - Security - CPR Certification - Auto Mechanic - Functional Medicine - Life Insurance - Glasses - Accounting - Lasik/Ophthamology - Debt Consolidation/Relief - House Cleaning - Education - Tutoring - Dispensary - Business Opportunity - Business Credit - Child's Dentistry - Float Spa - Credit Repair - Dermatology - Mattress - Home/Auto Insurance - Home Mover - Tax Accountant - Pressure Washing - Boat/RV
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@Haplin Milgrom-Hills I'm working on two niches..Medical/dental biller and coder companies along with large apartment property management. Both seem to have different needs for DR. Apartments have large renter databases, however most people find an apartment at some point and its difficult to know when they are renting again. Med Billers have less practices in their database but if they have target their high Accounts Receivable doctors on their list they could get. Av very quick very large jolt of money within 30 days. Any other ideas? I'm on client acquisition right now.
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