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🎉 Hey fellow Creative Party Rockstars! Thoughts Please..? What price points is everyone using for their courses etc?
So Im looking to launch a new course, and was curious on what varying price points everyone is using and whether these is a sweet spot you're finding that is working really well? Thanks in advance! PS: thank you @Mariah Coz for this awesome community
Christel Hughes
Suzanne Chadwick
Mariah Coz
Marcia P
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Hi Luke I think it depends on who your audience is and what the problem is that you solve. If it's a DIY course then anything $1000 and under could work. If it's supported then as Christel said you could do anything anything above that.
Great Mastermind Experiences
Hi all, I'd love to know what mastermind experiences you've loved. What have the mastermind creators done that you like (or didn't like), that made you want to stick around and really helped you to excel or feel supported. If there were any fun things that they did I'd love to know that too. thanks
S Barbara Abidoye
Mariah Coz
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🎉 Start Here: Welcome to Creator Party!
Hello and a very warm welcome to the premiere destination for Creators monetizing their online businesses through Content, Community and Courses! This is the place to talk about all things content creation, community growth, online courses, creative digital products, sales and marketing, and all the “real life” stuff that comes along with being a full-time online course and content creator. Mariah and the team host virtual events, workshops, and exclusive fun stuff in here to help you grow your content creator brand and creative course businesses! ➡️ How To Earn Points, Level Up, and Unlock Premium Content: When you post a win, a question, or a value bomb, you earn points when someone likes your post and/or comments. The more you engage with this group (posting, commenting, sharing, liking, etc), you gain more points, level up and are rewarded with premium content, courses, templates and more! As you level up, the rewards become more valuable. You can see the rewards for each level in the Classroom, here.  Start climbing the leaderboard, where our top contributors will win surprises too! 🏆 You can give value and level up by answering people’s questions, sharing interesting strategies or tools that are working well for you right now (not self-promotion!), and starting thought-provoking discussions. ➡️ How To Invite Friends To Join Do you know other creators who want to be part of the club? Just go to Settings > Invite > and grab your unique link. You can share your unique invite link with your email list, social media followers and audience. The more the merrier! We sometimes have special surprise gifts for those who refer the most new members. ➡️ Check out the “Search” bar at the top of the group The search function in this group will help you navigate the goldmine of content within this community. Use it to search for topics you’re interested in like “mindset”, “evergreen”, or “launching”. You can also check out our “Best Of” in the Start Here course, where we curate and save the most valuable posts in the community.
Kori Tomelden
Esme Wang
Paul Lester
Brendy Anthony
Candice Dorsey
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@Mariah Coz Sorry if I missed this, but are you planning on bringing your teachable content over? I've just started a trial and just trying to work out the paid course section.
short videos on IG or Youtube
Do you suggest to outsource short videos on IG or Youtube to freelancer, or agence or hire a marketing specialist who could take cares of it too? Thank you :D
Suzanne Chadwick
Sara Verbi
Mallory Whitfield
Draven Grey
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Hi Sara, I think it depends on your skill level and what you're wanting to do i.e. how much editing is needed. I've outsourced to someone before which worked well - I was the one who dropped off, not them, but it did help with giving me time back to have someone else do it.
What's coming next in the online learning space?
Are you seeing the same success with course and mastermind launches? I've seen a big decline in course and mastermind enrollments. It might just be me but what do you think has shifted and what do you think people want more now? I'm thinking for bite size, specific content and membership maybe? Would love to know what you're seeing and doing right now in the online learning space
Christina Lopez
Susanne Rieker
Abagail Pumphrey
Suzanne Chadwick
Zahida A Khan
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@Abagail Pumphrey Great epsiode ladies really loved it!
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@Zahida A Khan thanks for sharing! Yes I'm trying to decide on the best pace to build my community.
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