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I went to Will Brown's Dubai Boardroom Mastermind (here's everything I learned from DAY ONE)
This past weekend I flew all the way to Dubai to speak at Will Brown's mastermind. And as per usual, I'll be posting the full behind the scenes VLOG showing you all the action later this week... But for now, I wanted to share a couple top takeaways that I learned with you today... if that's cool with you? Cool. So first, I got a question for you... "How far do you want to Scale?" Do you know the answer to this?If you don't, you're probably stressing yourself out a lot as a CEO... I would know... It's not just the mold exposure in Miami that caused stress to my body... leading me to have these gut issues that are showing up through my skin via eczema and staph... But because of STRESS too. And this was the very FIRST question that Will Brown asked everyone after they intro'd themselves to each other on DAY 1... 1. "How far do you REALLY want to Scale?" $100k/month? $250k/month? $500k/month? $1M/month? More? Whatever your answer is doesn't really matter, as long as you HAVE an answer. For Will for example, he was at $1M/month with his trading coaching offer up until he SOLD his business to a private equity firm and exited his company for a couple million... Now? He's chilling.Making a solid $100-200k/month in revenue, 80% of it being pure PROFIT... And living life up in Dubai.Because that's how far he wants to scale now. So ask yourself this question right now... And really think about it too. Is it the number you thought it was that you should say to yourself, because of what everyone else is saying they want with their business? Or is it the number you REALLY want that would make you happy and live the life you want? Tough one to ponder on, but probably one of the most powerful questions you could ever ask yourself to avoid a lot of stress, anxiety, worry, and frustration... Look, it's one thing to PUSH yourself and go for broke (not literally lol...) But if it comes at the cost of your joy, love, fun, and happiness, or even desired lifestyle...
New comment Apr 13
I went to Will Brown's Dubai Boardroom Mastermind (here's everything I learned from DAY ONE)
0 likes • Apr 10
@Brian Moncada great share on William Brown's! I just joined in the management team of Purple Circle, a coaching community, that helps coaching businesses grow to a million dollars in profits and beyond. We want to join a couple of masterminds and I brought up Admen! What other masterminds do you recommend to join besides? Saw you're high on Cole Gordon's boardroom for instance. Thanks and cheers!
How many Google Ad accounts can you have?
Hey people. I understand your allowed to have up to 20 accounts within a single email address. However how many accounts can you make with separate emails? They currently have a £400 sign up offer, i have already claimed this offer 1 or 2 times on 2 separate emails but have never actually got the £400 as i always run into problems once my ads start. This time round my ads are working good and i am thinking of trying to claim a £400 promo with a new email but ultimately this would not be worth risking my ability to advertise on YouTube. My thinking is that once i try to claim the £400 once i meet the requirements they will see i have multiple email address and could close my account, this is not worth £400 obviously What are your thoughts?
New comment Nov '23
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Have you thought into using an Google Ads MCC account? I am not sure what exactly the limitation is but this should be more and it is an absolute standard for any agency:
Looking for a YT Ad Agency Consultant
Hey guys, I loved the content on the hybrid agency and especially the partnership model, which is probably a performance / rev-share model, I suppose. I wonder if there's any consultant out there who can help to consult on how to qualify the right prospect to adapt this offer. Especially interesting would be the following: What do the discovery checklist & benchmark look like, and what else do you implement to mitigate the risk when taking on new clients for this model? Can anyone help with this? Thanks!
New comment Nov '23
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