How many Google Ad accounts can you have?
Hey people.
I understand your allowed to have up to 20 accounts within a single email address.
However how many accounts can you make with separate emails?
They currently have a £400 sign up offer, i have already claimed this offer 1 or 2 times on 2 separate emails but have never actually got the £400 as i always run into problems once my ads start.
This time round my ads are working good and i am thinking of trying to claim a £400 promo with a new email but ultimately this would not be worth risking my ability to advertise on YouTube.
My thinking is that once i try to claim the £400 once i meet the requirements they will see i have multiple email address and could close my account, this is not worth £400 obviously
What are your thoughts?
Paul Phoenix
How many Google Ad accounts can you have?
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