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15 contributions to GoHighLevel w/ Robb Bailey
Lead Magnets?
Hey guys! I'm brainstorming some lead magnet ideas to offer local businesses. Ideally want to come up with a few that do NOT require them to sign up for GHL yet. Just big value that they can benefit from pretty much immediately. Curious what you guys are using that is working well.
New comment Apr 19
3 likes • Apr 18
I think some people offer free DR for limited number of leads, like 100 old leads to generate maybe 3-4 appointment and prove that DR works, then you can sell that service. Obviously this would work only for businesses that have a semi decent database. Just my 2 cents
Niche / Local business list
I went through some of my old files and found a list of local businesses / niches. Some of them are far from being a perfect client for DR but you might find a way by thinking outside the box. Let me know if anything missing from the list. 3D Printer Academic Specialty Schools Access Control Systems Accident & Health Insurance Accident Attorneys Accommodation Reservations Accountants Accounting & Bookkeeping Schools Accounting & Tax Consultants Accounting, Auditing, & Bookkeeping Services Accounts Receivable Loans Acoustical Contractors Acting Lessons Acting Schools Acupuncture & Acupressure Acupuncturists Ad Agencies Addiction Information & Treatment Adjustable Beds Administrative & Governmental Law Attorneys Adoption Agencies Adoption Attorneys Adult Day Care Centers Adult Education Schools Advertising Advertising Agencies Aerial Advertising Aerial Photography After School Programs Agricultural Equipment & Supplies Retail Air & Gas Compressor Dealers Air Ambulance Services Air Cargo & Package Express Services Air Cleaning & Purifying Equipment Dealers Air Conditioner Parts Air Conditioning Contractors Air Conditioning Repair Air Conditioning Units Air Duct Cleaning Air Quality Air Transportation Aircraft Charter Aircraft Charter, Rental, & Leasing Aircraft Maintenance Airline Flight Information Airline Tickets Airline Travel Agents Airport Parking Airports Alarm Services Alarm Systems Alarm Systems Dealers Alcoholics Anonymous Allergy & Immunology Pediatrics Physicians & Surgeons Allergy & Immunology Physicians & Surgeons Allied Health Education Alterations & Tailoring Alternative Medicine Alternative Medicine Professionals Aluminum Recycling Aluminum Windows Ambulance Services American Restaurants Amunition Amusement Parks Animal Feed Animal Health Animal Hospitals Animal Shelters Animal Trappers Answering Services Ant Control Anti-Aging Medicine Physicians & Surgeons Antique & Estate Jewelry Retail Antique Cars Antique Dealers Apartment Buildings Apartment Information & Referral Services
New comment Apr 21
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this is a killer list, I had a list of 500 and I thought it was a lot, your is 2000+. thank you!!
0 likes • Apr 18
if you need to send 250 DM a day you may be better off sourcing 10 or 20 twitter accounts and then spread the DM, so only 10-15 max per account. I do the same for cold email and pay for multiple inboxes. if you need a site to buy accounts this may be one, bulkaccountsbuy dot com I have used it only once and I heard other people using it. maybe do not use your primary card there. Anyway just ideas, hope this help
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Hi Everybody I am new to the agency world, worked as an affiliate running cpa campaigns for years. I have done a lot of cold email too. Where are you from? London UK What are you working on? Starting my agency What immediate help do you need? learning more GHL, how to run an agency
2 likes • Apr 18
@Venus Loraña wellcome to the community. I joined only days ago and already feel I got a ton of value.
UpHex International?
Hey Guys, do you know if uphex also makes sense for other Markets then the US?
New comment Apr 18
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I think UpHex simply offers templates for a number of niches and a super simple way to turn those templates into local ads. You can let your client use their template in their chosen niche and country. Why would it not make sense in markets other than the US? The problem that uphex solves is that they allow a small biz owner to run FB ads without paying an agency and get results, so shoudl work in any market. Anyway just my 2 cents..
1 like • Apr 18
@Sam Trockenbroch not sure about that, I think for most local businesses the best targeting is just age and gender and then a certain mile radius from their location. Maybe for certain niches you can overlap an interest. But for simple niches like dentist, plumber, real estate etc the ad copy in the ad will attract the right people, you only need age and gender. Anyway I do not use UpHex, I only tried it once and decided not to go down that route (at least for now), but I think it is a great service if you want to offer ads and not babysit clients
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Luca De Gioia
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I do cold email at scale and have done a lot of affiliate marketing with cpa networks. Looking to build an agency of PPL.

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