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YT ads problems/questions?
Hey Ad Men, How's everything going with your YouTube Ads? Any problems or questions I can help you with? Reply and let me know in the comments below 🥂 -Brian 'thursday Q&A' Moncada
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@Brian Moncada Have you seen success running ads for a $97 front end offer? There’s also a VIP option for $297. Our goal is to have it self-liquidating with ad spend so we can get people in the “bootcamp” for free to offer them our high end offers. What tips do you have for the front end part? We’re spending $300/day and the current funnel is Optin > VSL > Application (just here to get people to raise their hand and gather data) > sales page. Ads are killing it, with CTR of 2.5% over a period of months. The funnel is kicking our butt though.
Media-Buying Rabbithole
I know creative is most important for YT Ads. But there’s not much out there on actually optimizing campaigns, so I’m confused. Should I split test everything 1-by-1 myself to find the perfect ad+targeting combo? Where I run (1 campaign, 1 ad, 1 ad group) and compare the CTR of a bunch of various combinations of creatives and targeting all on my own? This means I'll be turning off and on different campaigns alot. Or should I just let google’s algorithm do the multiple-creative testing inside of the ad group and just focus on split-testing different campaigns (that differ by targeting)? How do you guys typically do split-tests? When do I take into account stuff like CPL?
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Rate My Best Ad So Far (I Think)
In terms of the script & editing I think this is the strongest ad I've made so far. I launched this with 4 other hook variants yesterday. I want feedback on what should I improve moving forward and if there are any major weaknesses with the copy or ad itself that I should jump on after iteration. Landing Page: @Israel Fernandez let me know what you think of the message & structure. @Matt Penas (always appreciate your feedback you always help me out 🙌)
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@Matt Penas Thanks so much for the feedback man. I'll try a hook like that & keep those in mind for the next iterations. Yeah the blurs are just the way the service works when you're choosing a closer before the interview phase. Will take this all in for the next ads I make, thanks!
How should I get my feet wet
Using Brian’s personalized loom strategy, I can dm a few people and get meetings very quickly. Only time consuming part is just finding people. I’m trying to get into more ad accounts, build up case studies and reputation. Lately, my offer has been “I’ll get you set up for free (ad creative)” then to media buy and maintain campaign it will be $1500/$2000m + 10% profit. I’m trying this for 3 ppl right now, and it hasn’t been long enough to see how it’ll play out, but so far, there’s quite a lot of waiting and relying on clients to move forward to the next stage before launch. Maybe the commitment is not 100% there, and I do work and build a good relationship trusting the client will move forward with me on launch. Should I continue with an offer like this until I get solid results, or does it just make sense for me to charge upfront like I would if I had solid results.
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How long to wait to evaluate ads (Front end KPI's)?
So how long/how much spend should i use to have a good idea of where the ads are headed? When should i start taking the view-rate/CTR of an ad seriously? Ik backend metrics are different and require more budget for testing, but what about front end stuff? Typically, clients have a starting budget of $100/day, some $200. I've heard around to "spend the price of product" but is it really true that i gotta spend $5k or even $10k of my clients money just to see if the front end metrics of an ad are good? @Alan Tarn
New comment Nov '23
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