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How to win at LinkedIn
By now I have around 2.2K subs and I'm not actively working on my profile anymore. My client after 45 days has more than 900 subs. I'm learning from many prominent LinkedIn creators, @Paul Masters being the biggest inspiration. I've created a step-by-step guide for those who want to play this game or help their friends succeed on this social medium. So, here you have a Notion page which is constantly being developed and enhanced. You'll learn what LI and chess have in common, why sleeping naked is a good idea. Feel free to ask any questions and I'd be glad to further improve this material.
New comment Feb '23
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@Fedor Favorsky Yes, I'd love that! I've actually joined his community as his going to share a course about it. Thanks for the mention Fedor 😊
Feb '23 
Lack of systems for content creation
I've just seen this Andrew's short where he talks about how he made his 1st million online, and I've realized that my bottleneck right now is a lack of good systems I love learning and spend many hours consuming quality content online (from my curated list of creators and different platforms). I also take notes of my favourites takeaways and thoughts about everything I consume and have them all in my 2nd brain But using that notes to create content is the part I struggle the most with, and I believe it's because I don't have the systems to make this step easy and frictionless Any advice on how can I set them? What systems work for you?
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@Merin Ap Martin I used to use Notion but, though I still use it for some things, I've changed to Remnote because I like its functionalities for note-taking more My problem though is that the step to convert the notes to content is hard for me, as I don't have any system for it
Feb '23 
Biggest audience-building struggles
After doing the exercise @Andrew Kirby recommend to us in this post, I discovered that this community is one of the places where most of my niche hang out So please, I'd love to know, what are your biggest struggles/obstacles related to audience building? 👀
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@Andrew Kirby Glad you're on the right track! What are your goals (if you don't mind sharing them)?
0 likes • Feb '23
@Andrew Kirby Love this! I'm so excited about what's coming I guess you now want your face to be everywhere, kind of the Alex Hormozi / Gary Vee content strategy then. In which platform do you aim for the 1M followers? You are still following the strategy of only monetizing the top 1% of your audience? Sorry for the questions, I'm just very curious😅
Jan '23 
Optimal Audience Building Strategy
Audience building is the art and science of making people aware of you and what you have to offer. As outlined here, I believe it’s the most effective use of your time and resources. This post details what I believe is the optimal strategy for audience building. Alex Hormozi, Iman Gadzhi, and Andrew Tate have all recently grown huge audiences using the strategy outlined in this post. The Optimal Audience Building Strategy (OABS) actually contains two sub-strategies. The first is the “Dream 100” strategy. The second is the “Content strategy”. The synergy between both strategies is profound. The Content Strategy will help you win long-term. This is how I got 600,000 subscribers, and made $1,000,000+. The Dream 100 strategy will help you win short-term. This is how I made $100,000+ in 10 days. If you want to make more money soon, and make a lot of money long-term, then I’d recommend you implement both. Ready to start? The first step of implementing both strategies is to write out who you want to attract. We call this your Niche. I’d recommend you do this exercise in the comment section below. Write first “My niche is: ______” The second step is to write out where your Niche gives their attention. If you want to capture the attention of someone, you have to know where their attention goes, so that YOU know where to go. We can split this second step into two sections. First, write which platforms they spend time on e.g. YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin. Second, write which influencers/YouTubers/podcasts/communities/forums they like. “My niche goes on these platforms: _______.” And "My niche consumes: _______.” The Content Strategy is to create for the platforms your Niche is on. The strategy involves creating content that your Niche would love (High Demand) that no one else is making (Low Supply). This strategy has HUGE potential, but you’re not guaranteed to get the attention of the people you’re trying to attract. In this way, you can view this strategy as high risk, high reward. Luckily, the cost to create is low, and the results can be huge, so it’s worth gambling consistently until you get the results you’re looking for. But this can take time.
New comment Aug '23
3 likes • Feb '23
@Andrew Kirby Thanks for the advice! I want to go with audience building, but I see it as quite generic too. I'll try to mix some of my values above to try to find a unique and specific intersection that still aligns with that core value If anyone has an idea, I'd appreciate it :)
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@Andrew Kirby Yes, that makes a lot of sense I read the other day a quote by Kieran Drew that I really liked: "A brand is refined, not defined" Thanks for the advice! :)
Another has done it...
Congratulations to @Fedor Favorsky for reaching Level 7. 🙌 This is both a wonderful thing and a silly digital arbitrary event. But your contributions are awesome. It has been a pleasure getting to know you. You are curious and wise and kind. Thank you for your time here and in digital discussions. I look forward to seeing others rise too.
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Congrats @Fedor Favorsky!! You really deserve it, so happy for you😁
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