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Update with marriage issues
I recently posted about a discussion my wife and I had, and I received some valuable suggestions on how to approach the situation. Following the advice, I decided to give my wife more time, communicate with her, and work towards resolving any problems. However, a recent conversation with her has left me deeply perplexed.
After years of legal battles, I finally gained custody of my children from my ex-wife, and I've been raising them alongside my wife's 3 and 4-year-old sons since they were young. This morning, my wife expressed gratitude for everything I've done for her, her children, and her parents who moved from Venezuela. Unexpectedly, she then admitted that what I've done for her and her kids is beyond her capabilities. She confessed that she struggles to spend time with them as a mother would and, shockingly, suggested that I send my children back to their biological mother. She asserted that this would allow our life to return to how it was before.
Stunned, I managed to respond by acknowledging her feelings and agreeing to the arrangement, but I emphasized the need for changes in how we approach things moving forward. While I haven't outlined the specifics of these changes, I have a general idea of what needs to be addressed.
This revelation has left me lost for words and battling a surge of emotions. Despite my initial reaction, I refrained from expressing anger physically and opted for a more measured response. I'm now in the process of formulating a plan for how to move forward with this newfound information, all while grappling with the emotional toll of the situation.
Leroy Tillman Jr
Update with marriage issues
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