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The Superneuroplasticity series
These videos are a four part series. This is the science behind the method. You will learn the four conditions necessary for superneuroplasticity to potentially happen.
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The Superneuroplasticity series
A sense of wonder
Do you guys know anything about 'What if' statements and perhaps the relation it was with our subconscious?
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@Rapaaea Henderson Happy endings where the noble Maori warrior gets all the girls and rides into the sunset as a shining hero
Major Breakthrough
So I broke up with my girlfriend a month ago, after a over a year of conventional dialog therapy with a psychologist and trying to figure out if I was the asshole or if I was actually dealing with an abusive girlfriend. I'd been wanting to break up for a long time, but never had the cajones to actually do it. When I was actually able to do it I broke down completely, feeling like a total asshole, and a few days afterward tried to get back with her. Whenever she asked me a question that I wanted to answer honestly my body froze up completely, and I started tensing up and fight my brain on actually saying something. I wanted to speak my thoughts and feelings, but my body would not let me at all. After we got off the phone I immediately went and did a trauma clearing audio because I knew the feelings were at a high intensity. When I got into the identifying portion I went back to being three years old and my mom is screaming at me. She won't stop screaming at me. I'm three years old and don't even understand what she's screaming about, or if this is even a real memory, but I'm curled up into a ball terrified out of my three year old mind. In the real world forty year old me is bawling his eyes out on the floor, furious and screaming back at his mom for being so horrible to a defenseless little kid. I hadn't cried that much in probably five years, maybe ten. I had to pause the recording for ten minutes just to process the whole thing because I was blubbering snotty teary mess. I was able to go back in and send it all away in the tornado, and produce a protective force field, and immediately after the recording ended I passed out in exhaustion on my sleeping pad I had setup on the floor for the session. Woke up two hours later and went to bed. The next morning I felt like I had been released from prison. I was happy and excited about the day, and looking forward to collecting my thoughts on my relationship with my girlfriend and going to an extra therapy session to try and refine them before meeting my girlfriend for a talk about if we were going to get back together. Because despite the crap I've dealt with from her, she actually is a very sweet girl who has a huge level of trauma herself that she has never tried to remedy, and the little girl inside is screaming for the love and safety that she never got as a kid.
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@W Ryan Fowler Thank You for putting uncongested copious bowel movements before the sanctity of @Matt Perry's enlightenment -:) LOL. @Matt Perry pay forward time: This technology caused a profound breakthrough in your relationship. Your GF feels it and the people around you probably feel it too. You show up differently. The biggest compliment you can do is to introduce this community to the people who need it. "Be the change you want to see in this world", Mohandas Gandhi You have changed. Be our Ambassador. In Jack Campbell hero's journey, this is the return of the king, who shares his wisdom with his people. This community grows through the word of mouth of Ambassadors like You So, please invite friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances and even foes to this community. After all, angry people are are often people projecting their inner pain outside
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@Matt Perry Thank You. It is thanks to ambassador like yourself that our message will reach people in need. Once again, Bravo and thank You
Welcome. Please introduce yourself and others to the community
Welcome aboard. Thanks for enriching our community. Categories: The free self-hypnosis course is in the “Classroom” tab at the top. Be sure to use the audio several times after watching the training. If you need help, post in the Self-Hypno & DTTF Help category. Please let the community know of your progress in the success stories category! You will find the schedule for the free training webinars in the calendar tab. Please introduce yourself and others: Would you mind introducing yourself in a post: age, occupation, country. Tell us about your dreams, goals, challenges, obstacles. Also, please add one memorable anecdote/story or insert a picture. Our mission is to bring this technology to the world. We need Your help. The best compliment you can give us is to introduce this community to your friends, family, relatives, colleagues and to anyone whom you believe could benefit. So, please don't be shy, you can change someone's life for the better Additional resources: Book a free 30mn call with Ryan Book a 1 day session w Ryan Fowler Self-Hypnosis course
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Welcome. Please introduce yourself and others to the community
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@Nathan Field Thank You, great ideas. Let's set up a call and discuss those ideas with @W Ryan Fowler
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@Steve B Wow, that is such an inspirational story. Steve, you are not the garden variety of nurses either. You operate in a highly challenging environment. So happy for You that YOu managed to turn things around so quickly and so dramatically. Bravo!!!!
Feelings of trauma still lingering
Hey guys, firstly I would like to say I hope everyone is doing great and having a wonderful start to the new year. I have been busy and I want to make this year one of the best years of my life. So you saw the title of this post, so let me explain.. Some of you probably have heard of me and my struggles if you are a part of the body language mastery program. Long story short, I grew up with an abusive dad, a person that sometimes I think is not human. Manages to make my life a misery or put me off my stride when I start to gather momentum. Growing up in that house I was never allowed to have a voice or a personality. He never talked to me much, but when he wasn't happy he would say all kinds of nasty things like your useless, your lazy you should be ashamed of yourself. A part of me thinks that he thinks I am him. Like I can't be a different person. I have been out of his house for a while now which has brought about it's own challenges but it is better to be away from him. But I have seen that I have picked up some unhelpful behaviors from being around him. I grew up quite shy and have a bit of anxiety when around men of his age or in general around people probably because he was quick to lose his shit if I made a little bit of noise or didn't close the door. He is quite an intimidating man to be around and so everyone around him are always walking on eggshells. I have noticed I need to start to stand up for myself more and express myself. If I did that with him, damn he would smash my water bottle or throw something at me. Looking back I think there is something not quite right with him. I feel I have a lot of self doubt and confidence issues. I don't go after things. My mind always thinks the worst case scenario. My mind is my own worse enemy. I feel I am negative at times, maybe from growing up in a negative house. I swear everyone that interacts with him becomes more negative and depressed. Some days I feel a lot of depression, or Why should I even try. Or sadness and misery. I don't like this. People don't want to be around me. I don't feel in the best of moods. Though I would describe myself as being a generally positive person who tries to see the good in everything, though my mind likes to see the negative. Sometimes my mind drifts back to the times I was around him and I think "what a crazy guy". Or "I wish this had not happened to me my life could have been so much better. I think I have a generally feeling of "I'm not good enough" "I don't deserve this." "Others are better than me." I don't want to attract people like my dad into my life ever again.
New comment Jan 22
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Thanks for sharing. The giant abuser is also a flawed human being in pain. I grew up in an abusive household too. It turns out mine was female, 145 cm tall and in poor health condition. As a child, my mum appeared to me as an omnipotent capricious giant. The adult version of myself was still the same child when dealing with her. I forgave and finally let go when I was 50 y-o. A session with Ryan truly helped. I remember that day: food tasted different. Then, feelings of rage, resentment, powerlessness, injustice slowly morphed into understanding, compassion and appreciation. I could see the suffering she projected because she did not know better. Seeing the world from her side, her suffering re-humanised her to me. It does not mean my suffering with her is gone. Some of those feelings get triggered from time to time. This is why forgiveness is not a one-time decision but an ongoing process. May I encourage you to practice Gestalt, which is in the paid self-hypnosis course to lower the intensity of the emotions.
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