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I think I learnt something but I'm not sure
I talked to my mother today. She come down after my brother same. I am keeping my distances. My mother and I talked, she asked if I want to spend time with her and my brother. I was offended because they always put me down. I can go on and on, but as we were talking my mother was 'justifying' the pass as reasons to continue with there behaviour. My mother was cry a bit, got angry a bit and it sounded manipulative with a lot of lying. But that could be a bias (don't know) it's so much of the same thing with out any changes, so I just assume. She left upset. One thing about the conversation was her taking me to a private school and getting my uncle to make me study, which sounds like a good thing. Her bringing this up today felt like 'I did this for you, so you owe me' type of thing. It feels like she believes she has the reins to my life and she's upset because I don't see it that way. She made me do the 'empathetic thing' about her and her and my brothers situation. It feels manipulative but I don't know. She said "you don't tell me anything" and began to cry. There have been plenty of times when I opened up to her and she put me down. And she told me that! But I told her about my studies in Cyber security and the opportunities it comes with it. She did nod yes when I reminded her. Overall, its like she can't see pass her own nose. I tried to explain my perspective and she not listening. She made me feel that what I went through matters not and the efforts I've done without them matters not. Like they don't exist. During this conversation, it's like she doesn't see me, like I'm not even there. It's like I don't matter, what happened to me don't matter, what I'm doing to move forward doesn't matter, what I'm saying doesn't matter. (This reminds me of the session I had with Ryan when I opened up about not getting what I want and feeling bad for wanting what I want). I wanted to share and be open. Any tips/advise please? It would be appreciated. Sharing this helps me uncover and understand things better, so I can do better at doing the Dive to the Five and self hypnosis sessions.
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Thanks everyone
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@Liam Spence Thank you 🙏
Can you guys help me? Any tips?
My brother is living with me and my father. He turned 29 this year. I try my best to connect with him but being around him feels uncomfortable. He were close as kids but our mother wasn't too kind with both of us. I can go on but he now gives similar treatment as my mother once did. I'm 26 now and I've been getting this treatment between the age of 10 - 13. He deals with it by getting drunk and then beings by taking down on me with anger and cockiness. He told me today what he does this by 'trying to help'. He tells me that he 'hates me'. I don't know why. I sometimes see him smile when he treats me poorly. I can't move out right now, but when I get a job in Pentesting I will be able to travel. From there, I was thinking to never see him again, as I did with my mother. I just saw briefly after 2 years. I feel/think that my brother let me down. Any tips would be appreciated.
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@Frank Kiel Thank you
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@Jordan Kurtz Thank you
Discovering things during the process
What I realised is that I don’t feel ambitious while having ambitious goals. Is there some reason or idea on why this could be?
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@W Ryan Fowler 1) No (theres lots of doubt) 2) Yes and no (A little baby yes) It will help because my family won't stress about money and I will have all the time in the world. Be able to spend time and money however I please. I will be free of the burdens of it and not worry if it comes or goes because I know whatever happens I will always have enough. 3) first answer was No. (but a little yes is it there) But mostly No. The reason why is that I feel that the goals are from scarcity and survival and I'm just running away from shit. It feels that the 'ambitious goals' that I have are a means to an end. I don't what the goals feel like that aren't a 'means to an end'. I told a friend of mine that 'I want to live, I don't want to survive anymore'. A lot of the goals are a means to an end, that the goals come from a negative place e.g. 'I want to travel', but the negative is 'I don't want to be stuck at a place due to money'. That part is negative ... right? These goals that are a means to an end do come with perks that I know I'll enjoy. I said no at 3) because I prefer goals that are intrinsic but I don't know what they feel like.
When doing the dive to the 5
When there is a belief what I doubt how would I say it? E.g. 'I'm lazy', 'I believe I'm lazy but I doubt it', or, something else
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@W Ryan Fowler Ok, makes sense. Thanks a million
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@W Ryan Fowler 2 million plus more coming your way
The Superneuroplasticity series
These videos are a four part series. This is the science behind the method. You will learn the four conditions necessary for superneuroplasticity to potentially happen.
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The Superneuroplasticity series
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You guys are too good. 😇
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