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Social Media terrifies me!
Hey guys, after my session with Ryan a while ago we hit on some really core stuff. Turns out I am terrified of showing the real full authentic me to the world. When I think back to childhood it makes perfect sense. Growing up showing certain sides was deemed acceptable and other sides (Like my overwhelming love of all things geeky) was brutally ridiculed. After clearing some resentment thanks to the gestalt audio on Ryan's awesome course, I realised where my biggest problem lies. The funniest part was it was multiple people asking me why I don't have a social media account that did it 😂 Now I have opinions on social media, I think it does cause a lot of problems that otherwise wouldn't exist. However the full truth is that it also presents a lot of opportunities, especially for someone like me trying to get a business/service out there. That's why I created an alternate persona for my fitness brand so nobody I knew in real life could find it as that is pretty much the full me! Passionate geeky fitness, friendly mother trucker 😂 My big goal for this month is to create a social media, add lots of people I know and then introduce my online fitness business to them. It sounds so simple but I can feel it in my guts as I type this out, it terrifies me. I'm also gonna do some trauma clearing on revealing the true me in between. But the full truth also is this would only help me and my online business. I already know loads of people would think it was cool in my conscious mind. But as we all know that guy ain't running the show 😂 So I just wanted to share all this and get everyone's takes on showing the real them to the world. Really love that we have the group here, it's so helpful! Love you guys! Stay strong!
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Just want to say upon writing this post and now is night and day! I have been on social media a while now, I don't overuse it infact I won't go on it for a while. But I don't have a problem with people seeing what I'm up to on there and the compulsion to delete it (As I often used to do) is gone. Damn good progress! Thanks guys!
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@Frank Kiel That's awesome and thank you! Yes I also too feel best when my online time is kept to a minimum. I'm not surprised your social skills were peak, well done!
Training to do hypnosis
Hey guys, I hope you are well great! I've had a few up and down months where I was getting hit with a few things back to back. I handled them well but I did get out of the habit of doing my regular audios. I notice a HUGE different in mood and attitude when I am doing the audios and when I'm not. It's kind of like the difference between how I felt when I used to not exercise and when I do. The feeling is night and day! I am finally going to purchase Ryan's course next month, as I feel like in ready for the next step now. My question is for the guys that learnt to do hypnosis. As I know a good few people Ryan did sessions with have since gone on and have done it themselves. I just wondered what the process was like. I did actually want to be a counsellor 3 years ago. I studied for 2 years and then decided not to take the degree as I realised the limits of what it could do. There were also a lot of dogmas that didn't help anyone in the counselling world. This was before I discovered Ryan's work. So yeah anyone with an insight, I would love to hear about your journey etc. All the best!
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@Ryan Harrison Oh cool! I've been using gastalt as I think I've got a lot of anger/resentment towards my parents. Particularly my dad. I can kinda feel it when I go over at the weekends etc. I've done it twice the first time loads of stuff came up, the 2nd not as much. It's really great though, I'm trying to do the whole thing and have notes to refer back to.
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Just looking into this again, after having finished Ryan's exceptional course last month.
Glad to be here
Does anyone else have trouble "finding" the exact place and time in our lives when we first felt something? Not my first time through meditation or hypnosis
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@W Ryan Fowler This is really helpful to know as I often get hung up on the specific memory and it's relevance.
Trouble Sleeping
Who else has trouble turning off and getting to sleep after a shift? Not the end of the world and not my first time using meditation/hypnosis. But I feel like I'm undergoing a mental shift and can't sleep properly now for several nights
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@W Ryan Fowler I can confirm this! I sometimes don't even want to fall asleep if I do an audio last thing and I still do 😂
The More You Do Hypnosis, the More Hypnotizable You Become
I agree with this video 100%, and i believe some in our community are actually seeing this for themselves. Being hypnotized and being open to suggestion and brain re-wiring in hypnosis improves if you do it more.
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The More You Do Hypnosis, the More Hypnotizable You Become
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Yeah I've also felt like I can shut my mind off a little easier now and relax.
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