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Tool for developing a vision
Hello everyone, I have to facilitate a Workshop to develop a vision of a company and based on that to ideate possible products to offer. I am wondering what are your favorite tools or combination of tools to develop a vision and strategy of a company. Gracias!
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@Jeroen den Uijl Thank you so much!. Gonna give it a try and let you know how it goes.
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@Audrey Hudak Thank you so much. We were thinking about the company's values but not leadership, and they have huge influence. Big Thanks :)
Remote Facilitator Jobs
Hey Members, I’m curious to know if there are any exciting and interesting facilitator jobs remotely specifically in terms of Design Thinking, Design Sprint or anything related to Learning & Development? Looking forward to know more details ! Thanks in advance 😊
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I have LinkedIn alerts with "Design Thinking" as keyword and remote for location. Not all the results are worth to try, but some are good. It helps a lot because every company has a different name for the position
💛 What are your Favourite Resources for Facilitators? 💛
Hey Facilitators 👋 I'm compiling a list of the best resources for facilitators (free or paid) for potential future content, and I would like to ask you all if you have any recommendations. It could be books, materials, tools, blogs, podcasts, or communities. Any resources that you've come across that you find helpful as a Facilitator. I'd really appreciate your contributions to this post. Rebecca 💟
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These are the ones I use the most. 1. The Workshop Book: How to Design and Lead Successful Workshops Book by Pamela Hamilton 2. The Innovator’s Dictionary: 555 Methods and Instruments for More Creativity and Innovation in Your Company by Christian Buchholz. 3. Business Model, Value Proposition and Testing Business ideas from Strategyzer
📍Where is everyone from?📍
Hello Facilitators👋 I'm really curious about where everyone is from. I'd love to make this a mega post where we can see how diverse the Facilitator Club community is. Who knows, you might find a lot more people in your area than you thought! Once I have lots of answers on this post, I want to make a nice graph!
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Colombia 🇨🇴
Decision tools for recomendations
Hello everyone! As part of an Innovation project, I have done Stakeholder Interviews. I am organising a Workshop with our client, and we will present them the insight from the Interview and make some recommendations for further action. I would like to know if someone of you have ever asked your clients to analyze and decide based on the insights and the recommendations? If yes, could you please share with me how did you guide them through the process?
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Thank you so much! I will check it up and if I try it, let you know how it goes.
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As a solution to my question, I asked the participants to brainstorm the possible innovations fields they gathered from the intern Interviews. Then used the Value Proposition Canvas and asked the participants to fill just the customer Map with the Jobs, pains and gains that they could identify from the Interviews. Finally, we used the Pugh Matrix with post-its to select the most interesting topics, Hope it helps!
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