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😨 Heads Up - Open AI Is Down 👎
Hopefully not for long. Maybe it's all the updates they are rolling out!
New comment Nov '23
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Thank you I was just going to ask if anyone else was experiencing problems and getting this message when trying to login "ChatGPT is at capacity right now"
Interested in Starting An AI Chatbot Agency?
I've been busy creating everything needed to get started in an exciting new business, running your own AI Chatbot Agency. My upcoming package will include this and more: 👉 Sales Funnel on your own domain with CRM, automated email marketing and calendar system to book calls with clients 👉 Payments and Subscription billing system (You choose prices) 👉 Niche landing pages for Lawyers, Educational Institutions, Real Estate Agents etc 👉 How to generate leads 👉 How to sell the chatbots 👉 Private community 🤩 White Label FastBots account If anyone here is interested, drop a comment below and make sure you join the list to be kept up to date: Cheers Jason
New comment 13h ago
3 likes • Nov '23
Would love to know when it's ready
A Big Thank You To You All 🙏
Hi everyone 👋 I'm currently in Turkey, today's my birthday and I always like to reflect a little. This year has been such fun so far thanks to what effectively amounts to the launch of AI to the masses! At the end of last year I had already made up a plan for 2023 which subsequently went out the window thanks to Open AI 😄 By March I created after months of playing with Chat GPT day and night. Now we are about to hit 1000 sales of the training program 🥳 Thank you to everyone that put their trust in me, I truly appreciate it 🙏 I started this group this year too and thanks to some amazing individuals who are brilliant communicators, it's built to over 7,000 members. Honestly, there are some really talented people in this group and once again, I'm so grateful for all of you here. Timing has been a great part of my success over the years, and right now with AI we all have a chance to grow our businessess exponentially 📈 I'm going to continue to work hard making the best content I can and do what I can to give as much value to everyone here. The next part of that process is to build into the best AI Chatbot platform for individuals and resellers alike. 💪 Thank you everyone 🙌🥰
New comment 24d ago
5 likes • Aug '23
Doğum Günün Kutlu Olsun. May this year bring you as much joy, love, and wonder as you've brought into my world. Here's to you, Happy Birthday. Cheers! 🥂🎂🎈
Rewriting content
Has anyone used chatgpt to rewrite or update their content? And if so what prompt did you find worked best?
New comment Aug '23
0 likes • Aug '23
@Leigh Reynolds This is terrific advice, thank you so very much. I would not have thought to do prompts by paragraph. 😃
0 likes • Aug '23
@Chris Chenault Thanks for the Sage advice. And I will be sure to check out your article in the link provide.
AI Image Wins Photography Competition
Interesting article and at least he came clean:
New comment Apr '23
2 likes • Apr '23
Say what you want but it took real guts to come clean. It could of been so worse if it had been discovered after the fact,
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