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What is the recommended tool to paraphrase AI generated content, so that it passes AI detection
What tool can you use to paraphrase AI generated content to make it human?
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AI Detection tools & Journalism
What is the AI detection tool used by news outlets like Newsweek, Free Press, and so on? Thank you in advance.
Creating a prompt for a book outline
Hi there, I am new to the group and in using ChatGPT. I am interested in writing a book and would like to use chat to create a story outline in the form of a fable. Any ideas on where to to find a prompt for this or what I should consider in creating the prompt? I don't need Chat to write the book just an overarching book outline with smaller chapter outlines. Thanks folks.
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Mar '23 
(Secret) Preserving ChatGPT Markdown Formatting in Google Docs
I struggled to copy ChatGPT's Markdown into Google Docs without the background color. And I couldn't remove the color without removing the Markdown!?! 😕 I cracked the code! Here's how you can fix it and move on to craft the perfect blog layout. (Disclaimer: This was just my solution. Please share if you found an easier way?) : 1. Create a new Google Doc by going to Google Docs > New Doc. 2. In the top menu bar, navigate to Tools > Preferences and check the box labeled "Automatically detect Markdown." 3. Copy the Markdown-formatted text from ChatGPT and paste it into your Google Doc. 4. Select all the pasted text by using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + A (or CMD + A for Mac users). 5. Go to the top menu bar and choose Format > Paragraph Styles > Borders and Shading. 6. Select > Reset 7. Select > Apply The background color is gone! When you select a heading in your Google Doc, it should be properly formatted as Heading 1, Heading 2, and so on. Hope this helps! 👋 (If this information has already been covered elsewhere, I apologize for boring you to death. I couldn't find the solution, and it was a pain point. 😬)
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Windos key+H
Gone are the days of having to type in every word. I thought that this was an interesting discovery. I just push my windows key and nthe letter h simultaneously and the microphone icon comes up allowing me to talk to gpt rather than text with it, makes me so much faster. Just thought id share.
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