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I got this from the Discord app, and this may be the best prompt I've seen so far. It asks ChatGPT to revise the prompt you want to get the best possible answer. It's gonna blow your mind! Copy and paste or type this in: I want you to become my Prompt Creator. Your goal is to help me craft the best possible prompt for my needs. The prompt will be used by you, ChatGPT. You will follow the following process: 1. Your first response will be to ask me what the prompt should be about. I will provide my answer, but we will need to improve it through continual iterations by going through the next steps. 2. Based on my input, you will generate 3 sections. a) Revised prompt (provide your rewritten prompt. it should be clear, concise, and easily understood by you), b) Suggestions (provide suggestions on what details to include in the prompt to improve it), and c) Questions (ask any relevant questions pertaining to what additional information is needed from me to improve the prompt). 3. We will continue this iterative process with me providing additional information to you and you updating the prompt in the Revised prompt section until it's complete. Keep revising until you're happy with it, then simply copy and paste the revised prompt into a new chat. Watch the magic! You'll have some fun with this one. 😉
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(Secret) Preserving ChatGPT Markdown Formatting in Google Docs
I struggled to copy ChatGPT's Markdown into Google Docs without the background color. And I couldn't remove the color without removing the Markdown!?! 😕 I cracked the code! Here's how you can fix it and move on to craft the perfect blog layout. (Disclaimer: This was just my solution. Please share if you found an easier way?) : 1. Create a new Google Doc by going to Google Docs > New Doc. 2. In the top menu bar, navigate to Tools > Preferences and check the box labeled "Automatically detect Markdown." 3. Copy the Markdown-formatted text from ChatGPT and paste it into your Google Doc. 4. Select all the pasted text by using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + A (or CMD + A for Mac users). 5. Go to the top menu bar and choose Format > Paragraph Styles > Borders and Shading. 6. Select > Reset 7. Select > Apply The background color is gone! When you select a heading in your Google Doc, it should be properly formatted as Heading 1, Heading 2, and so on. Hope this helps! 👋 (If this information has already been covered elsewhere, I apologize for boring you to death. I couldn't find the solution, and it was a pain point. 😬)
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(Secret) Preserving ChatGPT Markdown Formatting in Google Docs
Transforming Content Creation: AIWritingPlus Introduces Cutting-Edge AI Writing Plus Platform
Just found this article (subtle ad?) AI Writing Plus is designed to empower businesses, content creators, and marketers by delivering high-quality, brand-consistent content effortlessly. The platform integrates seamlessly with the most advanced AI technologies, ensuring that users can maximize their creativity and productivity without any limitations. Transforming Content Creation: AIWritingPlus Introduces Cutting-Edge AI Writing Plus Platform (
Creating a prompt for a book outline
Hi there, I am new to the group and in using ChatGPT. I am interested in writing a book and would like to use chat to create a story outline in the form of a fable. Any ideas on where to to find a prompt for this or what I should consider in creating the prompt? I don't need Chat to write the book just an overarching book outline with smaller chapter outlines. Thanks folks.
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How do i fix this?
Whenever a make any kind of image in chat gpt I always get this crazy text. How do I make it English better?
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How do i fix this?
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