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Niching Down?
I am a retired professional screenwriter with over 40 years of experience. I am looking to start an online community or membership platform to teach and share what I know. I am doing it mainly as a hobby, to stay active, and to pass on whatever I can before I drop off the perch. I've just watched the free "Find Your Niche" course, kindly provided by Maria, and I am stuck! The primary craft of screenwriting is applicable across all areas of on-screen content writing; from short to long and everything in between. And they are the same craft skills needed for anyone of any age, gender, or culture. Do I need to "niche down" with a subject on screenwriting? Like I said, I am stuck. Does anyone have any suggestions? Best, Dean
New comment May 15
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Do you have a specific area in screen writing that you have more experiencing in? I’ve done some acting and film directing, but not really familiar with all the genres/sub genres that are involved in the screen writing side… thinking you might double down on whatever your specialty is/was in the realm of screenwriting, test, and then expand from there?
😊 How often do you re-visit your yearly goals? 🤓
I find it difficult to ”lock in” even the ”three most important marketing projects for 2024” or so, because 🤯 every couple months something new comes up (❤️ new ideas that I love and things I didn’t expect to happen 🙈). Yet I find it very comforting to have my three most important marketing projects on a white board on the office wall. 😅 📆 How and how often do you balance re-visiting your yearly goals? 😊 I guess it’s the balance between structure and creativity. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤓
New comment Apr 4
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I think it's also a personality thing. I usually work in short timelines + use external goal dates because it helps me focus and feels more manageable, and found that SPRINTS (usually 1-month) work better for me than long-yearly goals. So much can change in a year... some of which we can control and some we can't LOL!
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@Sean Mize Same!
What's your decision making process?
Super curious. I have a few big decisions to make in the business and I've always felt like I make fast decision and assess things well....but for some reason am struggling to make these decisions. Would love to know how you make decision and if you have a simple way of doing it? Might help me to move forward to hear from a few people :) thanks in advance
New comment 18d ago
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1. JDI (Just Do It) 2. KISS (Keep It Simple) 3. Done > Perfect 4. Mission > Fear 5. Now > Later 6. Short Goals 7. Small Bites 8. Eat the Frog 9. What if... You can work backwards, too. 1. What if... What if I do X, what will happen? 2. Eat the Frog... Tackle the hardest thing right away to clear the mind so it's open for the rest of the goals 3. Small Bites... what's the smallest thing I can do next to move forward? 4. etc BTW I've found it helps when really stuck to first define my Mission and make that bigger than whatever Fear I might be feeling... Mission > Fear. You've got this!
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@Sean Mize NP!
Where do you currently consume content to grow your business?
For me, I am all about listening to podcasts and reading newsletters! I find those work best for how I take in information. And that's probably why I'm super fascinated by business models driven by podcasts and newsletters! Where do you go for content about growing or monetizing your business?
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New comment May 2
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Other = Skool 😆
Podcast or YouTube Channel?
I want to switch up my marketing channels a bit, but I get stuck at the decision if I should start a podcast or if I should focus more on video content on YouTube. Do some of you have experience, which channel can collect high quality leads / build trust better? I would love to get some new perspective on this topic. Maybe I just overcomplicate things in my mind. I have the skills to do both, but just don't know what would be better.
New comment Mar 30
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@Kori Tomelden I'd suggest this as well... you could always decide to not post to YT, but if you record it as a video and export the audio for Podcast, then you'd at least the option (later) to do YouTube as well. But if you record in audio-only, it could limit your options down the word. BTW the video recording doesn't have to be over-produced, depending on your own style/goals/bandwidth/audience, you could do a simple in-studio video record with really basic lighting and setup to get started.
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