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Hello Fitness Lovers, My name is Joy, am a wellness enthusiast, a singer, and a Network Marketer. I love to connect people and I love to see people live well, healthy and wealthy I partner with a company that focuses on health and wellness products. We offer a range of nutritional supplements, vitamins, and other wellness products aimed at promoting overall health and well-being. We often emphasise the importance of a balanced diet, regular exercise, and supplementation to support optimal health. I look forward to connecting with like minded people on this page. Thank You for having me
Being active in a community to be rewarded?
Now that I am in 5 different Skool communities, I am already overwhelmed with "having" to interact and post just in order to get access to the locked videos/courses. If this is just the beginning of Skool, soon there will be tons of communities for everything, like on Facebook. How is this going to work out for users? My opinion: I would rather pay a fee to get direct access to courses and videos than spend time. For a hobby topic it might be different. I might indulge in comments and interaction, but for business ? Would be interested about your opinions/experiences on this.
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@Kerttu Pentikäinen lolz you are right. it definitely encourages giving back to the community
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@Sandra Madison can also see it as way for people in this category to grow out of that shell.
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Many years ago, I created a course called "Your First 1KⓇ" all about launching your first small product and list-building. In 2024, building an audience and creating your own products has shifted. Today, we're focused on growing our own communities and creating recurring revenue. So I thought, what's the "Your First 1KⓇ" of the new era? ➡️ Get 1,000 free members into your group ➡️ Reach $1,000/month in recurring revenue from a subscription product I pulled together the basics to get started, and I'm gifting it to you as a free mini-course! 🎉 Get started with the Your First 1KⓇ Mini-Course HERE! I'm making this mini-course free for a limited time, so jump in and get started This mini-course even includes a few hand-picked lessons straight from my premium, paid Monetize program - so you can get a sense of what you'll be doing with us inside the Monetize community + curriculum. In this mini-course, you will make some core decisions about your business: - Choose your business model (one-time purchase products or subscriptions) - Choose a pricing strategy that makes sense for your audience size and goals - Choose a profitable product that you'll enjoy delivering, and your customers will love - How to structure a successful subscription offer - How to get your first 1,000 free members - How to reach your first $1,000/month in recurring revenue 🎉 Get started with the Your First 1KⓇ Mini-Course HERE! Let me know your #1 takeaway below! 👇 (*this is NOT any of the same curriculum as the original Your First 1KⓇ course - this is a simple way to get started with creating a free group or a paid subscription type offer. Even if you've experienced the original Your First 1KⓇ, you will want to check this out for some fresh ideas!)
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This is great! Thank you.
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Joy Bamsile
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I am a Singer/Songwriter and A Digital Marketing Expert /Sales Funnel Specialist. Also Into Wellness industry

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