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Hey all 👋 Excited to dive into the learnings 💪
New comment Jan 31
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Welcome! keep on learning, it's a great resource.
How to price a DR campaign
Aloha everyone. I would like to ask how you are pricing your DR campaigns? Is it based on performance like 10 appointments or we work for FREE. Or do you do it by percentage of the profits brought in? Can you guys share to me some of the offers you give that gets them to do the DR campaign?
New comment Feb 17
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Hey Virgil I'll send you a DM since you spent some time with me the other day I will return the value!
Mailgun vs LC Email
Hi, I've gotten some difference in opinions and wanted to know what you all think is the best way to go starting out? LC Email or Mailgun? I have an agency in GHL and 2 subaccounts (One for my first client and one for prospecting marketing leads). Let me know if I understand the setup correctly. 1. In the agency view you can setup LC or Mailgun which propagates out to all of your subaccounts. Mailgun has more functionality but LC is easier. Either way this will send a subdomain of whatever email you have to clients for each subaccount. For this example let's say we use subdomain "mail" 2. The agency doesn't have any email attached to it whatsoever. 3. Each subaccount will have their own domains email separate than LC or Mailgun. 4. It's recommend to purchase a brand new domain rather than using your clients domain as it can cause blacklisting. ie. buying and using that for all email marketing activities and not risking rating. Same thing goes for for email marketing and not using If these are managed by me, then I don't have to worry about accessing the client's godaddy, cloudflare, etc. 5. In addition to the above, I also need a google workspace acct to manage the emails there? 6. The final version of emails coming out of the subaccounts would be (client) and (my marketing). 7. Anything else, did I explain it right? What else am I missing? TIA
New comment Jan 18
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@Virgil Vergara thanks for the comment, do you mind having a quick chat to discuss how you did it?
OK Y'all - from Level #1 - #5 in 3 days 🔥
So, guys, gals, if you want to have all this incredible, explicaladocious education in a flash... you can do it in 3 days.... I just got to level #5...from level #1 - since Saturday (Australia time). I did not think it was possible. But hey! How hungry are you to have it all.... just go for it. Was it work? Nah. It was fun. I learned from others' journeys and shared some of mine - including my many mistakes. Share! ASK? Comment! Like! and get all these courses opened up as you contribute to those around ahead and coming into the community. Thanks to @Haplin Milgrom-Hills for creating such a genius way to learn and engage. Thanks to all who have played along with me to get to level #5... I might be a bit busy now for a while as I digest Level #4 - and #5 Meanwhile....
New comment Jan 20
OK Y'all - from Level #1 - #5 in 3 days 🔥
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Great job!
Funnel/website templates
I recently switched from using WordPress and the Elementor theme builder to GHL Funnel/website builder. While it feels like a downgrade at first, I'm tired of constantly updating WordPress plugins and not getting paid for it. I've noticed that many of the templates in GHL are incomplete or not set up correctly. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm trying to build new templates based on the Storybrand wireframe. After more than 20 years in the business, I've realized that most people struggle with creating content for their websites, myself included. I'm not a copywriter, but I've found that the process of crafting the message for a website often slows down the entire project. I want to help my customers start with a strong message and then focus on design and platform. Do any other GHL users have thoughts on this approach? PS. Are there any SEO experts here who can give me some best practice tips for using H1-H4 tags in my templates?😀
New comment Jan 5
Funnel/website templates
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SEO... I no expert but we just went through it for our blog, I didn't write it myself but here's the overview. H1 - Title information...think blog title "Top 10 things about XYZ" not just "BLOG" H2 - What people are asking related questions about things H3 - What the list of the top 10 things. H4 - Subheadings of the list if necessary. Hope this helps!
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