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6 contributions to ChatGPT Users
ChatGPT 3.5 vs ChatGPT 4.0
Is it worth the upgrade? Lately, I have been experiencing some lags from ChatGPT 3.5. No answers or cut off answers. I am also curious if ChatGPT4.0 can help me create logos and photos. What’s your experience and thoughts?
New comment Mar 1
2 likes • Feb 20
hi Renee 👋 I'm actually curious how people that are actively using chatGPT still haven't upgraded to GPT4? - Outputs are much better - Allows you to chat w/ images - Can use custom GPTs created by other users (aka a tested prompt library for you) Alternatively, if you're interested - I can share more what I'm working on. I've recorded a short demo of a tool to improve your prompts directly in chat GPT. or alternatively you can use it for free here:
1 like • Feb 26
@John Santos hey John, OpenAI gives 3 GPT4 trials to share with friends for free. Here's one for you my man: Try to get the most out of it, leveraging the tech you can help someone around you or in the local community to automate or improve their business and get some $$ for helping them out. Godspeed!
I built a GPT to Improve Your Prompt to reach 10x better output
Hi guys, I wanted to create an actually useful prompt engineering tool that will help you write better prompts to get better responses I uploaded the demo video on YT for you to see how it works but it's pretty simple. You can access it: 1. Directly in GPT4 chat using @ImproveYourPrompt 2. As a custom GPT here 3. Or those that don't have GPT+ access, can find it here Would really appreciate feedback and ideas how to make it better!
New comment Mar 3
Open AI Interview on GPTs
Guess who's getting interviewed by OPEN AI Today? They want to know how about my private uses of my GPTs. I have over 60. I'll keep you posted! I honestly owe this community a great deal of gratitude for all of the shared knowledge and support. Especially @Jason West ...
New comment Feb 27
2 likes • Feb 9
@Julie Helmer what's the one that you use for the job? have you played with the knowledge base and custom actions or just prompt mainly?
0 likes • Feb 12
@Julie Helmer niceee! copilot content creator - very smart! has anyone else from your organisation been using such tool to write content or they just don't see value in sharing stuff online?
train my own AI
totally new to GPT-4, been playing with it and it's amazing. I've been using it like a search engine or buddy to talk to. But now I want to expand my knowledge... ...I heard someone say you can "train it". How does that work? is this the right community to ask for a training course to teach me how to train my own chatGPT? 😀
New comment Feb 27
1 like • Feb 6
hey guys, I actually built custom knowledge tool exactly for this purpose. We're still finalising it, but the custom knowledge base part works well! You can connect it to a custom GPT through custom actions, or just use it as a standalone chatbot. We're about to launch user management feature, and monetisation for it will follow. It's free for now - your feedback would be very much appreciated 🙏
1 like • Feb 8
@Ken Reno awesome! We’ve been experiencing some issues lately that we’re working to fix now, so if something is not working, let me know please. You can reach me in the chat on the right bottom!
This is "sort of" cry for help me understand WHEN to use an API? What's a SCHEMA for this API? And what is the optimal use to it? (sorry so many questions, all at once - but I ought to take these questions out of my "nervous" system). Thank you in advance for your help and understanding. Cheers to all of you.
New comment Feb 27
0 likes • Feb 6
@Jasper Hallamore hey, this is really cool! I'm working on tools for custom GPTs - I'd love to get your perspective what you think about it and give it to you to use for free. If you're interested to chat - could you drop me a DM and we can take it from there! :)
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