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What Can a Chatbot do that's fun!
Here are some fun and engaging activities you can do with a chatbot: 1. Trivia Games - Quiz Time: Have the chatbot ask you trivia questions on various topics like history, science, pop culture, or sports. Keep score and try to beat your high score each time. 2. Storytelling - Interactive Stories: Engage in a choose-your-own-adventure style story where you make decisions, and the chatbot narrates the consequences, creating a unique story each time. - Creative Writing Prompts: Use the chatbot to generate creative writing prompts or even co-write a story with you. 3. Learning New Skills - Language Learning: Practice a new language with the chatbot. It can help with vocabulary, grammar, and conversation practice. - Coding Practice: Learn to code by having the chatbot explain concepts, provide examples, and even debug simple code snippets. 4. Virtual Companionship - Daily Journal: Use the chatbot as a digital diary to log your thoughts, goals, and reflections each day. - Mental Health Check-Ins: Have the chatbot ask you about your day, your feelings, and offer supportive messages or mindfulness exercises. 5. Entertainment - Jokes and Riddles: Enjoy a laugh with the chatbot by asking it to tell jokes, riddles, or even play word games like hangman. - Music Recommendations: Get personalized music recommendations based on your preferences or current mood. 6. Fitness and Wellness - Workout Plans: Have the chatbot create and track your workout routines, offering tips and encouragement. - Healthy Recipes: Ask the chatbot for healthy recipe suggestions based on the ingredients you have at home. 7. Shopping Assistance - Product Recommendations: Get personalized product recommendations based on your interests and needs. - Price Tracking: Have the chatbot monitor prices for items you want to buy and alert you when they drop. 8. Social and Community Engagement - Event Planning: Use the chatbot to help plan events, from finding venues to creating guest lists and sending invites. - Social Media Interaction: The chatbot can help generate social media posts, respond to comments, and engage with your followers.
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Great list! Thanks Julie!
Hello, I am new to the community and look forward to learning how I can use chatgpt with my business. In addition to normal things I am doing at home fir crafts and thing with my granddaughter. I look forwatd to meeting everyone. Thanks
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Welcome @Michelle Cobbs
It seems there's an issue with loading the file. Could you please try uploading the file again?
I am trying to create a CustomGPT and I get the following error: It seems there's an issue with loading the file. Could you please try uploading the file again? It is a simple CSV file with two lines. Regardless of whether I make it available as an Excel file or via a link, the same error message always appears. Does anyone have any idea on how to solve this problem?
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As Julie said, just copy and paste your data. If you have a very large data set, use Claude 3.5.
Claude 3.5 vs GPT 4o vs. Gemini - Interesting Results on Simple Math
I am doing an event for some students and collecting payments. I wanted to calculate the total amount collected quickly. There were 38 entries and in the payment column, most people paid $120 for their student, some paid $210 with a small discount for two students, and others had a free code. I thought this was pretty straightforward. My results were mixed. ALL, miscalculated the results the first time. I just cut and pasted the fields and expected this to be a pretty simple task for GPT, then Claude and then Gemini. I then manually did the calculation using the sum feature to get the correct total. I knew they were all off. I tried GPT4, and also 3.5. The worst performer, sadly, was Sonnet 3.5. I wish I had recorded the results but maybe I'll do screenshots to see the outputs. However, I did export the data into a spreadsheet CSV and then ran the same tests and all, except Sonnet got it right. I was surprised by these results. I am going to upgrade to the paid version fo Claude but this makes me nervous relying on GPT for math calculations. I have double check more often after these results.
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Anthropic Launches Sonnet 3.5!
Hey everyone, I'm excited to share that Anthropic has just launched Claude 3.5 Sonnet! This new model raises the bar for intelligence, delivering graduate-level reasoning, superior coding proficiency, and excellent content creation. It's available for free on and the Claude iOS app, with expanded access for Pro and Team plan subscribers. Claude 3.5 Sonnet is twice as fast as its predecessor, making it perfect for complex tasks. Plus, the new Artifacts feature creates a dynamic workspace for real-time content editing and collaboration. Check it out here and let me know your thoughts below! 👇 PS: This new model will be available on TODAY! ⚡️ #AI #Claude35 #Innovation #Anthropic
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Anthropic Launches Sonnet 3.5!
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I tried it and told me..."We're too busy...get a paid account!" :-)
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