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The Myth, Mistake and REAL Opportunity of Content & Social Media
I think a lot of people (not all) are keen to the opportunity of social media and content. But it's a myth that you just need to "start" and get going, and that it'll all unfold for you. Yea, if you're stuck, or procrastinating it's a smart move to just get going. But the mistake so many new and experienced entrepreneurs make is just checking the box. Social media, content, video—it's not an opportunity if you just check the box to say you're "doing it". There are so many people competitively trying to out do you, to capture the attention you say you want. The real opportunity is to go deep on what you're trying to do. Don't just set out to make a YouTube channel, make the BEST YouTube channel. Don't just make a community, make the BEST community. Don't just make a newsletter, make the BEST newsletter. You get the idea. If you don't go deep, you'll likely just scratch the surface, spread yourself thin, and make zero impact. I fall victim to this myself. Do you really want to make something unique and interesting? Doing something big can be scary, so sometimes we don't REALLY try. Is there something big you want to do? do you find yourself sometimes just poking around the edge and not really doing it? or just thinking about it? or doing too many things to make a real impact? What is it? share in the comments what you really want to go deep on. And what's your plan? what's your commitment?
New comment Feb 16
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@Paul Cowen thank you for the perspective. There is plenty of hand holding on both courses, however It requires I clear time in my schedule to make use of it. I imagine my self buckling down as though I’m in college, I need to set hours and set up child care and a meal plan. I’m in the middle of renovating my home to increase my income through adding another rental unit to my property I need to wrap that up first in the next month if possible then buckle down with a set schedule for the course work.
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@Paul Cowen is one year. In 6 months into one and three months into the other. I appreciate your responses.
The #1 Secret To Scale Content Production & Distribution
I get asked a lot what the most valuable thing I've learned from trying to scale content. It's a great question because there are so many fun tools out there, like ChatGPT, and Placid(dot)App, and Opus Clips that are coming out to help us with content creation. But without organization, none of these tools will help you reach scale (at least without a lot of chaos in the process). So I created this quick video to highlight why automated organization is so important. Hope you enjoy →
New comment Jan 12
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Fear of not being good enough and not having a cohesive message. It’s like when I press record it doesn’t land the way it does when I’m producing in the moment for the love of it. I also have many interests and not a central focus. So it seems like I need to home in before I produce, at least that is what I think I hear everyone telling me. I have a back log of creativity and content to be edited that I don’t know when I will ever do something with it. It seems to be a lot of work to get things to the level that I feel good about sharing them.
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@Stephen G. Pope thank you for this!
Cold Email and DMing are Dying (Make Content Instead)
One of the most fascinating things I see is content agencies reaching out to me via cold email to help me create content. And video editors DMing me saying how they can make my content go viral. Sometimes I look them up only to see nothing. No content on their own channels, almost no online presence at all. (I get all sorts of other crazy offers via cold email and DMs as well but when it's related to content specifically it feels extra odd). I honestly send them all straight to spam and delete them, but that's just me. I don't have time for it. I meet all the awesome professionals and clients I need by creating content and networking on social media. Why would I (or anyone) trust you to help me get business with content when you don't use the same mechanism to grow your own business? It doesn't make sense. Is it possible to get clients with cold email? sure. Is it the best way to get clients in 2024? no. And how many people did you annoy along the way? Probably a lot. Will they remember you? Probably not because they deleted the email so fast trying to get you out of their inbox. But that's really besides the point. Warning sign #1 cold email is a bad idea. The first thing any cold email guru tells you to do, is to go signup for another email domain and to start "warming" it up so you don't destroy your real domain by sending out spam. What does it say about cold email that you need to go to such lengths to avoid detection and protect your real domain from being damaged? People don't want your cold email in their inbox. And how much time will you waste trying to craft "the perfect cold email" that .01% of the people open and respond to? Instead of priding yourself on your cold email game, pride yourself on your content game. You only have so much time to get good at something. Don't hedge your bets either, a little cold email, a little content. You'll be bad at both. Email is not a channel that people want to be interrupted on. People go to their email to get stuff they actually signed up for, and to interact with people they know.
New comment Jan 10
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@Mayur J it seems as though there must be a way to bring together the main parts of who I am and help others from there. Cohesion of the various elements of what I know well.
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@Mayur J I help men in my men’s group on the regular. It is peer facilitated so I am the lead every 9 weeks, i incorporate process work through drumming. I offer impact when I do one on one music meditation sessions with folks. They have had transformative experience to my drumming during cerimony. I have one live looping student that has increased her confidence and learned how to record her sessions the shore with her private clients her one on one work with them to review after their sound bath with her. I have not taken my work to the content board nearly as much as I would like, like daily?! So maybe trying on the different ways I like to be supported through sound and movement in various videos is a good way to hone in on the way to feel fulfilled offering my creativity. Different than the high ticket course I am enrolled in suggested but maybe a way to find clarity.
19yr old G on you tube
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And also, this hack:
Multi cam 🎥 support request
Anyone recording live calls with multiple cameras simultaneously on the Apple ecosystem? I have two iPhones 📱 an iPad, and a MacBook 💻 and an iPad and I’d like to use 2-3 camera angles and good quality, audio (using mic’s 🎤 for percussion 🪘 and vocals) through my mixer to be presented on the call. Advice or examples?
New comment Nov '23
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Thank you @Yukiko Sato !!! I will check it out:)
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thank you @Santi Younger !
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