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How To Add $5K /month To Your Business?
I get this question a lot, "Hey Stephen, how can I add $X /month to my business".
It's a fairly generic question -- so my answer is a little generic too:
1) Pick something you love to talk about and do it day to day
2) Then find a problem in that niche that people really suffer from
3) Then solve it a million different ways in daily and weekly content
Now, realistically there are so many little details to work out right? but most of them can only be discovered through action. And honestly, if you just tried and pushed forward, all the details and problems would surface pretty quick and you could start to knock them down. One by one.
But that unclear path prevents a lot of people from moving forward. That exact thing that keeps people from moving forward is always a little different for everyone. But it's that unknown they face that keeps them stuck.
I've stumbled my way around quite a bit in the last few years, but I did keep pushing, on my own without anyone pushing me forward, fear kept me going. I hired a lot of people to help but honestly a lot of it was a waste money. 95% of my coaching investments didn't work out.
My niche, the people I serve, my video quality, my products, my ability to articulate myself, my recording studio, my equipment, it all evolved through trial and error.
I mean, checkout this ridiculous video (attached) that I posted to LinkedIn a few years back.
I show this to prove a point. We evolve, you will evolve, so start now because you have to go through it one way or another.
Sometimes I get this question, the one above... "Hey Stephen, how can I add $X /month to my business", from the same people, every year or so. And I start to think, dang, if this person had just actually started a year ago -- things would be so much different NOW.
Where would they be? I'm not sure, but further along, I do know that.
Yes, the path is not clear, but if you go forward now, in a year things will be so much different. Then a year after that, and so on. But if you don't the future will just look cloudy, ALWAYS.
And even then, wherever you are, the path forward is always cloudy. My path forward right now is cloudy too. So just have fun with it.
Don't regret never leaning what that path may have looked like for you.
Commitment is key, you will stumble but commitment will bring you back onto the path.
Stephen G. Pope
How To Add $5K /month To Your Business?
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