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YouTube vs Vimeo for online course materials in hybrid group coaching program
Is it a bad idea to use unlisted YouTube videos for embedding your course videos? I have been using the free plan of Vidyard but I’m at the max number of videos for that now and was considering Vimeo but also trying to keep my subscription expenses down while I build up my revenue.
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@Dave Foy I agree, it’s not worth losing sleep over. I guess it is worth keeping in mind that some platforms are easier than others for people to do this with
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@Mariah Coz thanks!
Prioritizing Rest in Your Business
Hi all!!! I'm curious how everyone prioritizes rest while running your businesses. As a business owner currently in limbo (I never closed my business down completely and still have a few lingering clients that I work with), I know for a fact that my ignoring rest and self-care led me to this place. I'm currently trying to figure out where to go from here, but I'm nervous I'll fall into the same traps again. So what do you do to prioritize rest and take care of yourself as a business owner? I'm also very interested in doing things more passively, as well as with a small team or even just on my own. So any tips would be AMAZING.
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@D'Ana Joi I absolutely love this mindset and story. Congrats on this accomplishment!
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I prioritize time for cooking, exercise, getting out in nature and the sun, and frequent short breaks on a daily basis during my work days. I was aiming for 3 or 4 day work weeks for awhile but found that was not realistic for me to get everything done as I am still in a growth phase. So now I try to not PLAN work for the weekend. If I end up working a little bit on the weekend to catch up on a quick task it's OK - not ideal, but because I rest quite a bit and have good balance during the work week, it evens out. I try not to work 7 consecutive days when possible (even working just a little bit per day) - I did that for awhile and that was a recipe for feeling burnout and exhausted. So if I end up working a bit on Saturday, I take Sundays off. I have also shifted how I plan what I will tackle for marketing/sales projects (in addition to my client work/program delivery) to be more realistic...I estimate how long each task will take, add it up, and plan accordingly what tasks I will do each day/week to align with my target hours. When I glance at my plan for the month at first it almost appears like a joke because it looks like so few hours but the key is I am working on actually completing each task in the estimated time (not going over) and actually staying on track with the plan (not falling behind). Over-planning is a big way I felt over-worked, burned out and overwhelmed in the past - so basically now I aim for no more than 1 hour per week day of planned marketing projects/tasks, 0 on the weekends, if a project cannot be realistically completed in the available time in a month I adjust what I plan to do accordingly and don't take on unrealistic excessive plans. In the past I would try to fit as much as possible into each day and plan 2-3+ hours per day of marketing-related tasks/projects and have the mindset "I can do that!" and try to do it I'm taking the opposite approach and optimizing for what almost feels too realistic, so I actually land somewhere close to my actual plan when it's all said and done.
What platform do you host your course content on?
In the spirit of platform switches, I'm curious what everyone else is using right now.
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@Meg King I love your new podcast!
🎧 Podcast Chat: Beyond Courses & Coaching: My Brain Is Exploding With Creative Monetization Ideas (Part 1)
Podcast Chats are where we keep the conversation going and dive deeper into the topics on our podcast episodes! This thread is for the episode, "Beyond Courses & Coaching: My Brain Is Exploding With Creative Monetization Ideas (Part 1)" 🎧 You can find this episode by searching for The Mariah Coz Show on your favorite podcast app! ➡️ I'd love to know - what did you think? Any insights, questions or takeaways you'd like to share in the comments? In this episode, I am sharing creative, unique monetization ideas that go beyond the typical “online course” or coaching program - this series of episodes will inspire you and give you so many fresh ideas for offers you could create. This is part 1 in a 3-part series, so definitely keep listening for tons of fresh, new ideas for monetizing your business and audience that are definitely going to get your gears turning (and hopefully reduce the overwhelming feeling like you need to create a huge course to make sales). In this episode: - Why simplifying and streamlining your product delivery and format can actually help you stand out in a saturated market of courses and coaching programs that all look and sound the same - How creators inadvertently get taken out of their zone of genius when they go to create paid, premium products - thinking they need to create something in a different format in order to sell it (and what to do instead) - What I noticed about my own habits online with content consumption and realized this was a bigger pattern happening in the education industry as a whole - Why you need to pay more attention when people say they would pay for just one core component of your offer, and how to turn that into its own product - Introduction to our 3-part series on creative monetization ideas for creators 🎧 Find the Mariah Coz Show podcast on your favorite app to listen! Amazon Music/Audible Apple
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@D'Ana Joi I love that you shared this! I can relate to so much of what you shared and also got some good ideas for how I could personally do things a bit differently on my end. I’m in alignment with you as far as recognizing the importance of back and forth coaching that can’t quite be replaced by a Q&A podcast as well as the private podcast with call replays and audios from course videos being a high value add!
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@Robert Thibodeau I would absolutely love to see a copy of this if you don’t mind as this has been on my radar to create in the near future. If posting it here isn’t ok you can DM me
⭐ Monetize With Mariah x Skool Bundle is open!
​Monetize With Mariah is officially open - and you can join us here!​ Me and Skool have teamed up to create this new experience for creators who are monetizing through community, content, courses and digital products, with a focus on recurring revenue. Monetize is just $99/month (it's a subscription, so you can cancel anytime, but I know once you're inside you will want to stay!). It includes a Skool software account for free as long as you're a member. (Skool is normally $99/month on it's own, so this is just a no-brainer). ✅ What's included: - My new course, "Monetize" (new content), templates and resources - Bonuses like Champagne Client Content Kit, Map Your Model, Fearless CEO Mindset Course and more - Q&A Private Podcast - members can submit questions & topics, the private feed already has over 50+ episodes with more added regularly - Private community for members - A *FREE* Skool software subscription account is included in your membership (usually $99/month, but you get it included!) ​Monetize With Mariah is open - join us here! ➡️ Please ask your questions about MONETIZE in the comments below ❤️ Huge thank you to our partner and sponsor Skool for making this bundle possible!
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@Mariah Coz Thank you for clarifying! That is really interesting because while I have done a lot of the work to set up the structured funnels etc. for EE/HTH I actually never got to the point of using Deadline Funnels (have just been doing open/close cart or my own workarounds incorporating a call booking page while I'm on "evergreen" between launches) and I've been feeling called to lean more into content and community for building traffic and nurturing lately. It sounds like I could still use the info in the Monetize course to sell a one-time digital course vs. a subscription/membership right? It's just a bit more focused on memberships and recurring revenues, as well as a more organic flow for making the sales of the digital products? I look forward to seeing that visual video showing the difference between the two approaches once you have it ready!
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@Mariah Coz cool, thanks! I didn't know that was possible with a private podcast, I thought once they had it on their podcast player they had it for good.
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