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Great AI tool for better audio (free)
So I don't spend a lot of money on equipment. It's not in the budget right now. That said I still want to put quality content out there and reinforce an image that feels put-together. I've been using Adobe Podcast lately - totally free. Just need to upload your audio file and it spits out an enhanced version in a few minutes. It works great with the built-in phone mics. I used a video sample from my YT channel ( so you can see the difference (20 seconds). If you don't have a mic set up right now I'd give it a try. Here's the tool:
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@Carrie Baty ya try it!
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@Dean Potter I thought so too!
Who here has your own Skool Group?
I'm curious how many of you have your own Skool groups?
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@Mohamed Eltaher I need to up my dm game for sure. Thanks mohamed!
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@Mohamed Eltaher
Wooooo 82 subs on YouTube in 2 weeks (6 videos)!
That's great movement for me! Here's what I'm trying now that is different from the past: 1. minimal to no editing videos 2. making my face the biggest part of the thumbnail (preferably with my mouth closed - it's more inviting) 3. understanding that a random rambling to me can be life changing advice to someone else and publishing it anyways Any other YT tips from the pros out there??
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🤩 Encouragement: You Are More Than Your Content
My biggest barrier to posting more content is the fear of feedback. (Someone not liking it and then telling me they don’t like it haha). I’m working on separating the idea of my offer/video/copy (my skills) not being good enough from me not being good enough. 🍒 A growth mindset tells me that my skills WILL improve with time and commitment 🍊 So the only way to get better is to practice offering, filming, writing… I need the reps You need the reps We’re plenty great as is 😊 So love yourself and carry on - your skills will get better while you stay marvelous 👑 Let's finish the week the strong!
New comment Apr 25
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@Carrie Baty
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@Eowyn Levene let’s keep goin Eowyn! Thanks for sharing
4 Assumptions I Dropped This Year About My Content
💰 Everyone is a creator and my content is behind - 99% of users are consumers - they are not viewing ur content from a creator lens - they are just trying to learn 💰 Everyone knows what I know already - some people do - most people do not 💰 My point of view sucks - it doesn’t - your copywriting might suck (but you can get better at that) 💰The algorithm is burying me and visibility is out of my control - people ARE seeing your content if you’re active - so either you aren’t active and expect others to find you in search somehow or people are seeing your content and all u need to do is improve your hook/offer/value And just so we’re clear: You are doing something hard that most people don’t do, you have good things to say, and improving your skills is absolutely 100% within your control Let me know what other assumptions or limiting beliefs I should work on. Thanks!
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@Kerttu Pentikäinen Thank you for your contribution! hugely valuable to me and i'm sure others
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@Sean Mize So true Sean. In most cases it seems the value is the vehicle in which the information is presented. We're that unique, one of a kind vehicle.
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