Apr 10 (edited) in Value Bomb 💣
4 Assumptions I Dropped This Year About My Content
💰 Everyone is a creator and my content is behind - 99% of users are consumers - they are not viewing ur content from a creator lens - they are just trying to learn
💰 Everyone knows what I know already - some people do - most people do not
💰 My point of view sucks - it doesn’t - your copywriting might suck (but you can get better at that)
💰The algorithm is burying me and visibility is out of my control - people ARE seeing your content if you’re active - so either you aren’t active and expect others to find you in search somehow or people are seeing your content and all u need to do is improve your hook/offer/value
And just so we’re clear: You are doing something hard that most people don’t do, you have good things to say, and improving your skills is absolutely 100% within your control
Let me know what other assumptions or limiting beliefs I should work on. Thanks!
Jake Enslin
4 Assumptions I Dropped This Year About My Content
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