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Welcome to MindChrysalis, home of the core identity game
Check the embedded video for testimonials. There is nothing as fast and powerful out there!!
When the student is ready, the sensei will appear. Our mission is to get the student ready.
Every game has three levels:
  1. The outer game: the techniques, reps that build the muscle memory, unconscious competence
  2. Inner game: The attitude and mindset we bring to the game
  3. Core identity game: how do you get the mirror to finally say: "I am good enough"?
  1. Be respectful, be supportive. We rise by lifting each other.
  2. Please don't post content unrelated to the purpose of doing inner work to gain greater peace, success and happiness.
  3. The best compliment is a referral or an introduction. This community grows by word of mouth. Help a parent, a partner, a relative, a colleague, a friend with an introduction
  4. Make this community vibrant. Post your journey, dreams & challenges and comment
  5. If you want to market products and services, contact the admins first
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Pioneering the field of superneuroplasticity. Official community for the Subconscious Optimization System.
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