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Recommendations for app to create an accountability partner system?
Hi Skool Community, 😁 Since Skool doesn't have anything along these lines I'm looking for recommendations for adding a digital way (bonus points if it can be fully or partially integrated with a group) to create an accountability partner system (maybe as an app)? The way I'm envisioning it is to add group members to a third party app that helps people keep accountable to goals/tasks they have set. Would be great if I could add small groups of members say 3-5 into small accountability groups and me to manage it as an administrator. Anyone know of something that could do this or get close to it?
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good question
Free Group Funnels s*ck🥱
They add complexity. And are redundant. @Sam Ovens I love Skool. ❤️ And for paid communities is a no-brainer. But having 2 communities 1 free, and another paid... It's just DOUBLE the work. DOUBLE the content to create. DOUBLE the moderation to do... 😮‍💨 My proposal: 🤩 FREEMIUM MEMBERSHIP community. 1. 🗣️ Community: Limited Public view of the 10 most recent posts (only members can participate). 2. 🤓 Classroom: Free demo course + (only members can access premium courses) 3. 🗓️ Calendar: (only members can participate) 4. 🤝Members: (only members can see and network) 5. 🏆Leaderboards: Level 1 public. Level 2 - 10 members (Level up to unlock content for higher retention and Live Time Value of a member for the community). Integrating the RECURRING payment functionality of monthly/yearly membership.🤑 I would love to be able to do this with Skool. Not needing to manage 2 groups, all-in-one is what we want. FREEMIUM MEMBERSHIPS. Fancy Fails, Simple Scales.
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@Emiel Kant Good idea :)
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@Mitch Cleary nope not really
Sadly - FREE & PAID Cannot Mix.
Yo guys whats up, Zach here. Quick thing? I've noticed free members and paid members cannot both be used inside of a single community? Is that truly the case or am I just dumb and missed something somewhere? It'd be nice to allow people to enter but upgrade at their leisure. If anyone is informed on this, let me know! Appreciate the answers in advance.
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@Erika Kulpina I have a free group and paid customers in there who have access to locked courses in side. So basically a hybrid group and this works wonderful for us. it helps people and markets to new leads by itself at the same time.
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Thanks for sharing @Hamza Ahmed h! I am wondering why you switched from the sum pricing model 499$ + 99$/month to 129$ and what you noticed since then?
Hide Zoom Link on Calendar for non-members
It would be great to hide Zoom link and other links from calendar for non-members, this will push them to join the community to be able to access the free events, etc...? What do you think?
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Just Gate the calls behind level 1. That will do it basically. When they join your community they are level 1
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@Asmâa Methqal level 1+ all the other levels above level 1
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