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What trends and strategies do you see for attracting new leads and selling that work well without launches and be dependable on ads?
In the online space, everything is shifting, and from what I observe, many creators aim to sell and serve without becoming excessively reliant on launches, ads, and large teams. What are your thoughts on that?
Waqar Ahmed
Felissa Arias
Grace C
Lauren deVane
Hannah Szabo
New comment 6d ago
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@Felissa Arias in aggregate, an increase! Not all podcasts and collabs are “winners.” Are you placing yourself on podcasts where your ideal customers are?
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@Felissa Arias how long is your sales cycle? And do you have something free you can give out to listeners to get them on your list?
I'm getting my SKOOL community set up 🎉 Tbh the built in Skool payments features looks pretty great in terms of everything they can do (both for admin and subscribers) but the lack of options in terms of coupons, trials, bundles etc has swayed me back to Thrivecart. So! Any advice from those of you who have this setup? Things to keep an eye out for or anything you wish you did differently? Also, with this set up I'm guessing I need zaps to get paid member access set up. Any advice for this step? Thanks!
Matt Rhodes
Danielle Sutton
Marcia P
Waqar Ahmed
Hannelou Rebollos
New comment 25d ago
1 like • Nov 5
We almost went this route, but recently changed our checkout experience to WooCommerce. 🤪 What email service provider or CRM do you use? Asking to make sure you add a tag to your contacts in your CRM/email list when they sign up for Skool (to help you manage Skool memberships)!
What's coming next in the online learning space?
Are you seeing the same success with course and mastermind launches? I've seen a big decline in course and mastermind enrollments. It might just be me but what do you think has shifted and what do you think people want more now? I'm thinking for bite size, specific content and membership maybe? Would love to know what you're seeing and doing right now in the online learning space
Christina Lopez
Susanne Rieker
Abagail Pumphrey
Suzanne Chadwick
Zahida A Khan
New comment 27d ago
4 likes • Oct 30
@Susanne Rieker, on your point about lower priced offers and less time in front of the computer, I’m also seeing more one-and-done paid workshops. Kind of like a “done with you” group coaching call.
2 likes • Oct 31
@Danielle Sutton and better yet, get it done LIVE (while on the workshop).
Which description is more enticing?
I’m submitting my offer for Mariah’s Skool sprint and would love to know which of these descriptions feels the most enticing. My community— The Multi-Passionate Mastery Club— is a space for multi-passionate creatives across various industries to come together and celebrate all of who they are, while accessing curated resources and diving deeper into the topics explored on the Multi-Passionate Mastery podcast. The description needs to be SHORT and sweet. Could you vote for the one that would make you want to learn more if you heard Mariah announce it? Thank you!!
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D'Ana Joi
Lauren deVane
Éva Raposa
Hannah Szabo
New comment 29d ago
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@D'Ana Joi 100%! Taking action and getting it done. Loveeeee it! Are you part of the Black Friday launch cohort?
0 likes • 29d
@D'Ana Joi guuuuuurl! Descriptions like this are the hardest copy to write. 😂 You slayed It!
Focus Group HackGPT
Wanted to share this quick way ChatGPT can help you hone your message on your sites or socials!
Hannah Szabo
New comment Nov 7
0 likes • Nov 7
Duuuuude! That’s a brilliant use case. And the hangover gummy example. 😂
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