Which description is more enticing?
I’m submitting my offer for Mariah’s Skool sprint and would love to know which of these descriptions feels the most enticing.
My community— The Multi-Passionate Mastery Club— is a space for multi-passionate creatives across various industries to come together and celebrate all of who they are, while accessing curated resources and diving deeper into the topics explored on the Multi-Passionate Mastery podcast.
The description needs to be SHORT and sweet. Could you vote for the one that would make you want to learn more if you heard Mariah announce it? Thank you!!
Inspired by the Multi-Passionate Mastery podcast and its community of listeners, this Club is a space to celebrate ALL of who you are while helping to improve your focus, build your confidence, and grow your network.
A place where everyone in the room has an understanding of what it’s like to be a person with a ton of ideas, talents, and the desire to share your gifts with the world.
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D'Ana Joi
Which description is more enticing?
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