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Mastermind for purpose-driven entrepreneurs to gain accountability, processes, and tools to create content with clarity, confidence, and consistency.


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I'm getting my SKOOL community set up 🎉 Tbh the built in Skool payments features looks pretty great in terms of everything they can do (both for admin and subscribers) but the lack of options in terms of coupons, trials, bundles etc has swayed me back to Thrivecart. So! Any advice from those of you who have this setup? Things to keep an eye out for or anything you wish you did differently? Also, with this set up I'm guessing I need zaps to get paid member access set up. Any advice for this step? Thanks!
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@Waqar Ahmed Thanks for the tip. I'm hoping to not add another tool to the stack at this early stage but if Skool has a webhook that helps a lot! I'll look more into that option.
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nevermind - webhook still only goes one-way (member invite)
Any Airtable users here?
Hi all! I'm noodling through all the offer options for my membership... The goal is to support purpose-driven entrepreneurs to overcome resistance to creating and sharing authentic content marketing. I have BIG plans but want to consider how I might pare things down to start super simple but keep it high value. Question: if you identify as a purpose-driven entrepreneur (aka heart-centred, spirit-led, impact entrepreneur etc) would you be interested in super simple airtable systems (templates that are grab and go) to use to streamline brainstorming, production, and management of your content so you can be more inspired and consistent? If not, are there other systems you'd rather use for managing your content?
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@Suzanne Chadwick totally get that! What type of work/processes are you trying to manage in airtable?
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@Suzanne Chadwick ah yes a few hiccups there. One of the superpowers of airtable is when it's helpful to see high-level views and slice and dice of several different elements of your data. If that coordination isn't needed, sometimes it can also be over and above what's needed!
EE vs. HTH
Hi! I just purchased a new business that is a certification program for Sleep Consultants. The regular price is $4,200 and I'm planning on adding a webinar for automating the process. I just changed it from an open sales page to application a couple of days ago. I'm trying to decide whether it makes more sense to do the HTH or EE process with this course. It is self-paced but has ongoing support in our private student/grad FB group and they get support as they work with volunteer clients. Would love any input/thoughts!!
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Hey @Marli Klaus ! No input on the strategy here but sleep consultants caught my eye! Curious, is it for babies/kids or adults? I work closely with my mom who is a professional speaker/health educator specializing in sleep and spirituality (adult health and wellness). We're relaunching a sleep workbook and full sleep education funnel soon!
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@Marli Klaus nice 🙂 yes, probably not alignment there but glad to see more people working on healthy sleep!
What's coming next in the online learning space?
Are you seeing the same success with course and mastermind launches? I've seen a big decline in course and mastermind enrollments. It might just be me but what do you think has shifted and what do you think people want more now? I'm thinking for bite size, specific content and membership maybe? Would love to know what you're seeing and doing right now in the online learning space
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@Hannah Szabo I like this idea! Time is such a crunch and I feel people are sick of paying for courses and not finishing/getting value. A live workshop is a huge accountability boost to get it done!
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@Hannah Szabo absolutely!!
Creating consistent content
I've been playing around with a new app format and wanted to get a pulse check from other creators.... Which part of your content creation process do you find the most difficult?
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Or maybe something else? Would love to hear because I have a whole boatload of ideas and solutions to solve each one of the above 🤣🤣 and want to start where people are struggling most.
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