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What trends and strategies do you see for attracting new leads and selling that work well without launches and be dependable on ads?
In the online space, everything is shifting, and from what I observe, many creators aim to sell and serve without becoming excessively reliant on launches, ads, and large teams. What are your thoughts on that?
Waqar Ahmed
Felissa Arias
Grace C
Lauren deVane
Hannah Szabo
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1. Content Marketing & SEO: It’s like playing the long game in “Survivor,” but instead of outwitting, you’re out-content-ing. Create value-packed, SEO-optimized content that pulls your audience in organically. It’s all about building that trust and authority, kind of like becoming the tribe leader without the backstabbing. 2. Community Building: Think Happy Days but online – where everybody knows your name (or brand). Building a tight-knit community fosters loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals. It’s less about selling and more about creating a space where your people would want to hang out and talk shop. 3. Email Marketing: This is your “You’ve Got Mail” moment. It’s classic, but it works. Build your email list and engage with personalized, high-quality content. It’s like sending a love letter but with more CTAs and less Meg Ryan. 4. Affiliate Marketing & Partnerships: Picture “The Simple Life,” but instead of Paris and Nicole, it’s you and complementary brands. Collaborate for mutual benefit. It’s about leveraging each other’s audiences in a way that feels more like a friendship bracelet exchange than a corporate handshake. 5. Value-Laden Webinars and Workshops: Think of it as your own TED Talk. Offer free or low-cost webinars that provide immense value while subtly showcasing your products or services. It’s edutainment – you’re the Oprah, and they’re your audience, ready to learn and be inspired. 6. Direct Outreach & Networking: Get your “Sex and the City” brunch vibes on. Personal connections still rule. Engage directly with potential clients or collaborators. It’s like sliding into DMs but with more class and less desperation. 7. Social Media Engagement: Be the TikTok queen or the Instagram influencer of your niche. Regular, authentic engagement can drive sales without feeling sales-y. It’s like “The Rachel” haircut – everyone wants a piece of it. 8. Membership Models & Subscriptions: Consider the “Netflix” approach. Regular income through memberships or subscriptions can be more sustainable than the boom-and-bust of big launches. Plus, who doesn’t love a good binge-worthy series?
ChatGPT "2023 Wrapped" Prompt
I made a prompt to use to come up with some ideas for your own version of Spotify Wrapped! Give it a whirl and let me know how it does! Remember the more specific you are about your audience, the better! 👇 Spotify Wrapped always takes off as a viral moment on IG, with brands picking it up and creating their own versions of it for their audience. I created one for graphic designers yesterday and it's going ham! You can see it here! (I screenshotted my own Wrapped IG story and edited it in Illustrator) "Hey ChatGPT, let's make a '[Your Profession/Audience (eg. graphic designers, peloton addicts, adhd'ers] Wrapped 2023'! I want you to come up with 10 funny and highly relatable stats or highlights that would resonate with [your specific audience]. Think along the lines of [profession/audience] common quirks, inside jokes, or typical experiences we face. The idea is riffing off the vitality of "Spotify Wrapped" on Instagram each year. You should include far-fetched numbers to up the hilarity. Here are some ideas to get you started: The number of times we [a common activity or situation in your field/hobby]. How often we encounter [a typical challenge or funny situation]. Our favorite go-to [tool, resource, or habit] this year. The most overused [phrase, tool, or trend] in our field. A humorous take on how we handle [a common scenario or task]. These should be suuuuper relatable to my audience. They should see it and die laughing because they're like omg, that's so on point!" -- Share your results here or tag me on IG @thebemusedstudio if you use it so I can see how it did!
Mariah Coz
New comment 7d ago
What's your fave cyber monday deal? 👀💲
Are you doing a special Cyber Monday deal for one of your offers? Feel free to share it in the comments below! Are you grabbing anything fabulous on sale for Cyber Monday for business owners (software, tools, etc) - share it in the comments! I hope everyone who's doing a BF/CM sale has been having a wonderfully abundant weekend!
Lauren deVane
Christina Lopez
Netiva Heard
Catrina Craft
Vanesa Dougherty
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I’m hosting a LIVE Midjourney Masterclass next Tuesday! It’ll be recorded too if you can’t attend live, but it’s 3 hrs and will be the Midjourney metamorphosis you’ve been waiting for! If you’ve been dying to create AI generated images in Midjourney, now is the time to learn! It’s $597 til EOD today (Normally a 2.5 hr Midjourney 1:1 with me is $1897) I’ll go over all things Discord, get you set up with your own server, go over all the commands and settings, walk thru how to make images, power of prompting and deep dive into parameters to make your images super original and unique! I’ve made over 11k images and have been using it for almost a year, so I know my 💩! I don’t do this often so jump on it now and you’ll be a Midjourney pro before the new year and start 2024 with an incredible new skill! 💯
Signature course title – your thoughts?
It's finally time! I've been working through Mariah's Launch Your Signature Course and I'm about ready to run my validation webinar. So excited to release this content, but feeling a little hung up on the title for my course & the webinar. My working course title is – Decondition Your Sh*t: Clear Your Stickiest Triggers and Patterns without Years of Therapy With a working description of: Learn a simple process to regulate your trigger responses and change your disempowering patterns so you can have healthier, happier relationships and more self trust. I want to run this as a 4 week LIVE, and then make it evergreen. For my rapid validation webinar I was thinking of doing the "1st module" preview, and essentially teach week 1 which is all about understanding how conditioning works + getting clear on your triggers + how to get emotional leverage to make a big change. Working title: How to Manage Emotional Triggers Description: Discover your personal blueprint to prevent nervous system dysregulation and respond to your triggers from a calm and empowered state. I tried to make the titles sexier, but couldn't manage it! Went for clarity instead. Would LOVE to know your thoughts as this feels like a sticky point for me! And a tangential side q: If I run the webinar as a preview of module 1, does the actual module 1 need to be significantly different?
Christina Lopez
Waqar Ahmed
Lauren deVane
Jessica Alfaqih
New comment 12d ago
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The fact that you have Sh*t in there makes me think your'e fun and relatable! Which means this needs a fun and relatable name! I also think starting with a negative isn't the move, even though decondition may be a positive, it doesn't read that way from the jump. Here are some clearer, snappier options you could mix and match depending what you're vibing with! PS ChatGPT helped me, as always! Course Title Ideas: 1. "Trigger Tamer: Rewire Your Reactions, Reclaim Your Power" 2. "Emotional Alchemy: Transform Triggers into Triumphs" 3. "Pattern Breaker: Ditch the Drama, Embrace Empowerment" 4. "Trigger Happy: From Reactive to Proactive in 4 Weeks" 5. "Mindset Makeover: Shatter Patterns, Shape Possibilities" 6. "Trigger Ninja: Stealth Moves for Emotional Mastery" 7. "Emotion Evolution: Uplevel Your Trigger Game" 8. "Trigger Busters: Hack Your Habits, Heal Your Heart" 9. "Pattern Pirates: Steal Back Your Emotional Control" 10. "Trigger Trek: A Journey to Emotional Freedom" Course Description: "Embark on a transformative journey to decode your emotional DNA, turning trigger turmoil into triumph. This course isn't just about coping; it's about conquering. You'll learn to dance with your demons and turn your emotional battleground into a playground of self-trust and kick-ass relationships." Webinar Title Ideas: 1. "Trigger 101: Mastering the Art of Emotional Cool" 2. "Calm in the Chaos: Navigating Emotional Storms" 3. "Trigger Toolkit: Your Guide to Emotional Zen" 4. "Emotion Engineer: Blueprint to Balanced Reactions" 5. "Trigger Decoder: Unraveling Emotional Mysteries" 6. "Calm Conductor: Orchestrating Your Emotional Responses" 7. "Trigger Whisperer: Secrets to Emotional Serenity" 8. "Emotional Ninja: Stealth Strategies for Trigger Management" 9. "Trigger Transformer: From Reactive to Reflective" 10. "Mindful Mastery: Navigating the Seas of Emotion" Webinar Description Twist: "Unlock the secrets of your emotional ecosystem in this eye-opening webinar. We're not just talking about managing triggers; we're talking about mastering them. Learn to navigate your emotional landscape with the finesse of a ninja and the wisdom of a sage. It's your personal guide to staying cool, calm, and collected in the face of life's curveballs."
🎧 Podcast Chat: Creative Monetization Ideas: High Ticket & Premium Priced Offers (Part 3)
Podcast Chats are where we keep the conversation going and dive deeper into the topics on our podcast episodes! This thread is for the episode, "Creative Monetization Ideas: High Ticket & Premium Priced Offers (Part 3)" 🎧 You can find this episode by searching for The Mariah Coz Show on your favorite podcast app! ➡️ I'd love to know - what did you think? Any insights, questions or takeaways you'd like to share in the comments? In this episode, I’m sharing more creative monetization ideas for creators - specifically with a focus on more high ticket, high touch, premium offers that can work as either a one time purchase or a subscription recurring revenue model. If you love high touch delivery, working with less clients but in a closer capacity, if you love coaching and giving personal feedback, you’ll get lots of ideas. If you have a smaller audience and need more low volume but premium priced ideas, this is perfect for you. This is part 3 in a 3-part series, so definitely listen to the first 2 parts if you haven’t, for tons of fresh, new ideas for monetizing your business and audience that will get your gears turning. In this episode: - Why we are tempted to include “everything and the kitchen sink” in our high ticket offer, when really keeping it simple is what our clients want - How I’ve embraced a “less is more” approach, having built a super “all inclusive” huge program before - How to make your premium offer stand out by making 1-2 key components the star of the show - Giving you the permission you didn’t know you needed to do less, focus on just your zone of genius, and stop stuffing things you don’t even like into your programs - What clients are really looking for in a premium, high touch offer now - The unexpected opportunities in being laser focused on a simple high touch offer (referral partners and collabs, yay!) - 3 concrete, unique high ticket subscription offers you can create and how to structure them (with examples) 🎧 Find the Mariah Coz Show podcast on your favorite app to listen!
Mariah Coz
Spike Warner
Sean Mize
Diane Ziomek
Luke McCabe
New comment 24d ago
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@Mariah Coz love this plan! this is really close to what I’m thinking for myself it I’m thinking about making all the all access courses in the paid membership available as one time payments in the free community, basically use it as my digital storefront for everything I offer rather than just thinking about them as courses. Will also likely offer a discounted rate to book 1:1 critique sessions rather than a small group program but will probably introduce that later.
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