Does Scarcity Work When Selling Services
I was reading an article yesterday in which it asked “does scarcity increase sales when selling services?”.
I was thinking about this and I came to the conclusion that provided the use of scarcity is genuine then it’s probably not only effective but also easy to implement.
There are a number of ways that we can help use scarcity when it comes to selling our services.
The one method I feel will be most effective is that because we sell individualised services we can realistically only hope to service a limited number of clients in any one month (especially if we are offering bespoke products)
So the approach I am using is that we can only take on a limited number of new clients and we will be adding people to a waiting lists once we have our monthly quota.
If I was selling something like a course or coaching program I would probably use bonuses as an incentive for people to take more immediate action.
However when you do this you have to stick to your guns and don’t make any exceptions. The WIGIG strategy (when it’s gone it’s gone ) only works if you stick with it!
If you feel compelled to continue an offer you can swap out bonuses but never be tempted to give people who missed your deadline the exact same package.
If you do your credibility will be compromised and no one will trust your next scarcity ploy!
I’d love to know what works for you selling your services plus what are your views on the use of scarcity as a way of getting people to take action?
Graham Waite
Does Scarcity Work When Selling Services
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