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One of my FAVOURITE ways to open up a Workshop or Meeting?
Hey Facilitators👋 I wanted to share this exercise with you all. I love to kick my workshops off using a very simple exercise called 'Hopes and Fears'. This exercise is used in various contexts, such as team meetings, workshops, or group discussions. It's a great way for you as a Facilitator to set and get expectations from the participants right from the beginning! This is how you run it 👇 1️⃣ All you need is a whiteboard and you as the facilitator will divide the board in two categories; Hopes and Fears. 2️⃣ Give each participant a sharpie and two blocks of sticky notes. Make sure the two blocks of stickies are different colours e.g. blue for hopes, yellow for fears. 3️⃣ Encourage participants to write all their hopes or positive expectations about a particular project, idea, or situation. One idea per sticky! Stick them in the 'hopes' section of the board. 4️⃣ Encourage participants to share one or two 'hopes' each. 5️⃣ Repeat the same process for the Fears. This exercise helps team members express their feelings, align their perspectives, and build trust by understanding everyone's viewpoints before diving into solving the challenge at hand. Try it in your workshops! It's really nice. Let me know if you have any other nice exercises or activities that you like to use to kick off your workshops 😊
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In the past workshops I've done on self-development, I've started with something similar called 'More and Less', and perhaps this could also be used regarding project concerns. I just asked participants to call out 2 things they want More Of and 2 things they want Less Of. (Since they are calling it out to me writing on the board, we don't have any repeated items.) The focus of the workshop always gets related to what they want More Of or Less Of, and with your example shown here @Rebecca Courtney, I can see how this could be useful in shaping goals and actions for a project too! (More clarity in scope of work/Less duplicated effort, etc.). Thanks for sharing this example. 🙏
Start Strong - ?End Stronger?
I am doing a presentation at a conference next week and am having trouble being sure that I am ending strongly. What are some of your favorite ways to end strong when you will have VERY limited time. The whole presentation is an hour and I have built in several Q/As. There will be 50 in the meeting (much larger than I had anticipated.) So, any ideas on how to end stronger?
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@Salah Bouchma This is an excellent compilation of really practical and effective points. I've already sent this on to a manager who is putting together a 5-day workshop, is not a speaker himself, and is organising other speakers over these days. He really appreciated it, and I know the quality of the talks will be greatly improved thanks to this high quality list. @Sarah Barton And THANK YOU for asking such a great question! 👏
Celebration: Just completed my first workshop!
I have to do a happy dance! I just completed my first Lightning Decision Jam workshop with a couple I'm working with! I followed @Rebecca Courtney's suggestion at our last Q&A call and had them "Draw Your Neighbor" for an icebreaker and they loved it! It was messy because I haven't quite figured out Miro (it was a virtual session) so I ended up having them say aloud what they wrote on a note pad for me to type in the digital post its - BUT - this was still faster and more fun and flowing than what I would have done to mindmap in the past. We had votes on 4 items, determined which to start with, and they had their 'To Do' list for the next week! We all enjoyed it and I will never go back to traditional brainstorming again! So so so much appreciation for the team here at AJ&Smart for being so generous and world class with your content! Learning so so much!! Many thanks 💛🙏🏾💛🙏🏾
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@Deborah A Wow.... great news! Thanks for sharing it with's really inspiring! A toast to your new future and all the people you'll help with it. 🍾 🎉
Q&A calls paused for a now
Hey Workshoppers! Happy new year!! After a good, long holiday break, the AJ&Smart team and I have decided to pause doing the weekly Q&A calls in this community. Though we LOOOOVE doing them and they've been super fun, we're just too small of a team to keep up the call schedule here and the more intense call schedule in our Workshopper Master community. Over the last few months we've slowly increased the amount of calls we do in that community (practice sessions, marketing sessions etc) and we've simply run out of people in AJ&Smart who are not already in coaching sessions or doing client work! We're going to now rethink how we can still bring some free "live" value to the FC community while also making sure we don't stretch ourselves too thin. We'll still be contributing and moderating this community though, so looking forward to continuing our chats here. Cheers, Jonathan
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@Jennie Shiu I second this emotion :) ! As a new student, I thought the weekly calls were so motivating for me to keep learning and to really see myself as a facilitator. The class was driven by practical and intelligent questions from this community and no one class seemed to be super full, but still with lots of good input and wisdom shared. Even if we could do it once a month, perhaps moderated with a duo of the most experienced in this group who have been trained with AJ&Smart materials, that would be so valuable and appreciated. And maybe twice or four times/year with one of the AJ&Smart team??
‼️ Special Event: My Journey from Teacher to High-Paid Facilitator - Join me this Wednesday!
Hellllo Facilitators 👋 I have something exciting for you! This Wednesday, December 13th at 4pm-6pm CET, I'm hosting a special one-off event (if you don't want to read further, register for the event here). I'll be sharing my personal journey, telling you exactly how I went from being an overworked school teacher to a high-paid, confident Facilitator, in just 90-days! I very often get asked about how exactly I made this transformation, and in this free 2-hour training I'm going to share everything! Here's what you'll learn 👇 ⭐ My 90-day transformation: I'll share the exact steps I took to transition from a school teacher to a successful Facilitator in just 90 days. ⭐ The 3 key secrets to building a Facilitation career: I'll reveal the three critical things that made it possible for me to confidently make this huge career-change in such a short amount of time. ⭐ How to transform your career in 2024: I'll share why mastering Facilitation skills is a GAME-CHANGER for your career in 2024, regardless of whether you're in a job you love, or want to have a total career-change like I did. This session is more than just a personal story; it's a roadmap for anyone looking to make a significant career shift! This is a brand new training that I've never hosted before. It's your chance to get inspired, learn practical strategies, and see how Facilitation can transform your career in 2024! Click here to register. Can't wait to see you there 😍
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I'd love to attend, but I'm giving a talk during this time...if we register, can we get a recording later??
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