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Salah Bouchma
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Bio: I'm passionate about helping organisations achieve exponential impact through effective leadership and positive culture using design thinking šŸ¤—
Kyle Newsam
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Bio: Digital strategist, facilitator & mentor building an education business // Traveling the world at the same time living as a digital nomad
Dan Roberts
Georgia, USA ā€¢ INTJ
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Bio: Executive healthcare leader with expertise in product ideation to implementation, US patent holder, and niche-techno facilitation. Here to learn!
Lisa Walker
Montgomery, AL
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Bio: I am a Continuous Improvement Manager that assist in training and sharing our Continuous Improvement Culture using KAIZEN and the DMAIC methodology!
Dan Blackman
Near Cinderella's Castle ā€¢ INFJ
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Bio: I'm client 0 in my 1st business as life coach, merging my love for awareness&energy work with my passion for agile
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Gauri Sim
Lifelong learning and coaching is a passion of mine, and facilitation seems the ideal component to help the world, one insightful workshop at a time!

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Joined Nov 24, 2023
Germany (currently)
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