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Ad Men of the Month - April⚡️
Happy Friday Ad Men! Hope you guys are having a great day. Now that we have wrapped the month of April, we want to announce a huge shoutout to the 3 most participating people in this group! People who have posted, commented, liked & shared throughout the month! and they are 🥁 in the first place we have: @Gabriel Lamas in the second place we have: @Elena Valdes in third place we have: @Mridul Golyan Thank you for making this happen and enjoy your weekend! 🥂
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thanks, lets go for more!! 🏆
YouTube Ads problems/questions?
Happy Friday Ad Men, What are you currently struggling with when it comes to creating and running profitable YouTube Ads? Reply and let me know. -Brian
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@Ahmed Ali Hi, I can give my opinion for now, I have an agency. Regarding Google's partners, after you spend a certain amount on a campaign, they may allow you to take it back. But a second option is to delete these sites (if it is a YouTube ads campaign) daily. Go to the "where did my ads appear" section and delete them manually. Regarding the second question, it is very vague. It's a Google campaign.. YouTube.. You didn't mention the data, the focus, how the website is, how the campaign configuration is. Without metrics, it is impossible to analyze. But I can guarantee one thing, it could be your ad is bad, it just attracts curious people, it could be the structure of your campaign that is wrong or it could be a matter of time, sometimes YouTube needs time and money to perform, as I said. , without metrics and data, any analysis is erroneous.
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@Alexander Jotz yes, my agency work for medspa!
YouTube Ads Generating 0 Leads But Lots Of Clicks?
Hey guys, My YouTube ads in the last 3 days have generated 231 clicks but not a single lead. Even if my landing page was absolutely terrible, I still feel like I would have got at least 1 lead come in so I'm wondering is there a technical flaw with my funnel that I'm not seeing? I'm going to rework the head line to remove "Leaky Bucket Agency" as maybe people don't understand what I mean by that. I'm also going to make the thumbnail "clickable" to open the pop up - but again, I don't think this is enough to get 0 leads from 231 clicks... Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you.
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Man, I have two tips to give you, those on the outside see everything more clearly. 1 - when you start paid traffic for a landing page with a relatively low initial budget, you need to help the lead, you have many options.. name, email, billing (this is very intimate), etc. More options = greater qualification, however, fewer leads at the beginning. 2 - Man, honestly, I would rewrite the copy, you need to improve, you talk about giving refunds to people and money, as if they had to pay something, this can scare a lot of people. Furthermore, you didn't make anything very clear: leaky bucket + guarantee... calm down, I'll help you with that, do the following. I would rewrite it saying something like: I want to explain to you my method that makes agencies double their revenue with some specific adjustments. sub-headline: enter your data and see the method for free. In which, you facilitate the passage, take you to a free video, explain the method clearly and then sell it on the other page. Remember, I don't know about your method and I don't want to say anything about it, because in my agency we don't guarantee anything, but we have a high LTV, because the contracts are for at least 12 months and there is a whole structure to customers accept this easily. So, remove the pain, remove the pressure, deliver something pleasant and make the lead want your method. I hope I was helpfull.
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@Konrad Schure Google is a medium/long term game.
I spoke at Will Brown's mastermind in Dubai (here's what happened)
Hey Ad Men, Today, I take you behind the scenes of the Dubai Boardroom Mastermind... A mastermind hosted by Will Brown, another fellow Sam Oven's mastermind member who scaled his coaching company to 8-figures... And then SOLD it to a private equity firm for a couple million last year! Now? He hosts a mastermind in Dubai, called the Dubai Boardroom Mastermind... And has people who fly from all across the world who buy tickets to attend and learn from each other. This time however, he flew me out and asked me to speak about YouTube Ads... So today, I'm taking you behind the scenes and show you everything I learned: Click here to watch the full behind the scenes VLOG now. Enjoy 🥂 -Brian 'More Mastermind Vlogs' Moncada
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Congratulations on your detailed explanation of the YouTube ads script, @Brian Moncada . It was very insightful, particularly your emphasis on how crucial creative content is, accounting for 80% of the results.
Why is Brian Moncada offering free gold?
I will briefly explain here why Brian's entire structure is absurdly intelligent and it can change your life and your business. Firstly, my name is Gabriel Lamas, I have a successful advertising agency here in Brazil and I am part of the most select groups in my country. I want to show you that there are 3 levels. Most people are fighting for attention on Facetrick (facebook ads, its a joke in my group), secondly, the smartest discover the best intention platform on which 80% of businesses should position themselves, Google ads, Knowing how to do this well is a huge step forward, most of my clients are here. Now comes the icing on the cake, YouTube ads, this is revolutionizing the market. YouTube is the TV of the next 50 years. Absolutely, everything most important, from increasing your branding and capturing the highest ticket customers, are there. I'm not here to flatter Brian, but I speak as an expert, if you really want to change your game in 2024, you need to pay attention to what's happening on YouTube, you need to use this tool professionally, he's really creating an environment to help everyone here. I've already started using powerful structures this year for my agency on YouTube ads, several local business clients are seeing great results, just listen to those who are in the game. I hope you have a successful 2024.
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@Shinas K exactly, anyone who offers before shows themselves to be a trustworthy person. Offering value before asking for value is one of the most genuine points of growing businesses, plus no one is forced to buy anything. He doesn't do aggressive CTA's or anything like that, Brian's results speak for themselves.
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@Jide Okedokun Because it's the purest truth my brother, YouTube is the place that needs the most attention these days when thinking about growing an online business, be it selling an infoproduct, local business for branding or even attracting clients for consultancy.
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