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Ad Men in Malta? Check this out 😎
Today, I want introduce you to @Sam Urpani, an Ad Man who lives in Malta and traveled across the world to be here with us this past weekend! Sam has an agency and coaching offer that helps real estate agents get more leads and book more appointments with paid ads. His biggest bottleneck? His personal brand. Let me explain... Sam crushes it for his clients... he guarantees 30-100+ qualified bookings every single month, and clients love working with him. The problem? He doesn't have much content online about who he is, or his company, and how it all works... As a result? He's been having trouble scaling to COLD traffic due to the lack of sales assets, email marketing, and content needed to get these people to like him, trust him, and ultimately buy from him! Thankfully, we hammered this concept home this past weekend and he just dropped a brand NEW video, where he shares his top takeaways with you from the mastermind! This is what we call SPEED of implementation Click here to watch Sam's mastermind recap video. Enjoy 🥂 -Brian 'shoutout to Sam' Moncada
New comment 17d ago
Ad Men in Malta? Check this out 😎
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Literally thought it's Brian's video with that crisp editing lol
Unable to change Bid Strategy
I am new to using google ads. A couple of days ago I launched my very first campaign. I recently learned that initially it is best to set the biding strategy as "maximize clicks" just to get enough data. However, currently my bidding strategy is set to "maximize conversions" and it appears that I am unable to change it. Other users have an option called "select a bid strategy directly". I don't seem to have that option. I suspect this is due to the type of campaign that I am running (Campaign type is set to performance Max). Does any one have any suggestions about what I should be doing in this situation ?
New comment 17d ago
Unable to change Bid Strategy
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Yeah, I haven't optimized for clicks in a long-time but you might not be able to do it with performance max.
To improve communication skills
Suggest me some books to improve English communication skills because I am belong to Asia country who are interested to talk with me so can I improve my English speaking skill
New comment 19d ago
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You can try to read out loud + have calls in english, or a tutor. There's no other way except practicing. Basically everyone who is a native english speaker just heard everyone around them speak and they did it enough times
Ads approved but no impressions?
I started 5 campaigns 3-4 days ago, but I still have no impressions. I'm targeting different audiences of different sizes. Some are intent-related and smaller, some are interest-related and bigger, but none of them is running. Any solution, or do I only have to wait?
New comment 14d ago
Ads approved but no impressions?
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What's that limited status? Could be fully limited and not even running
Got 108 add to card and IC in demand gen campaign ( shorts)
Hey, I started running a demand gen campaign today with a daily budget of Rs 5000, and I got 108 total conversions till now but didn't get a single purchase yet. I cross-checked everything tracking and every possible reason, but it's alright. Could anyone tell me what the possible reason is for that?
New comment 19d ago
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Buying, especially from a short, is not that likely. Maybe if you offer a free resource it might be much easier to convert them, and then follow up multiple times through email
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