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Dec '23 
Want to create 6 months worth of content in just 1 day?
I'm hosting a 1 day event next week to film 6 months worth of content in 1 day. Wanna join me so you can get all your content DONE for the next 6 months? Comment "YES" below👇🏼 I'll send you some training to watch beforehand, too. 🎉
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revision website
my dear ones i have just renewed my website, i'd love to hear your feedback, whatever is your impression from it, i'd love to hear it, i'd love to know it. thanks so much !!
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Hey Lex, it looks great! Very impressive 👏 I would perhaps clarify that your costs are in American dollars, as if I was wanting your services in Australia it would almost double that cost for me. You could work on the flow of your story a touch. There’s nothing hugely wrong with it, but it could read a little better with grammar etc. perhaps put it through chat gpt and see what suggestions you get? Hope that helps but great work and a wonderful service 🙌
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@Lex Detox no worries!
How Facing My Fears Helped Me Close A 120,000 USD Deal
533 days ago, I closed a 120,000 USD deal. None of it had to do with a new business tactic. I simply learned to face the negative feelings I used to run from. The technique I'm about to share helped me generate millions in my sales career. But things haven’t always been that way. In the beginning, I was stuck at 0 USD for 3 months. In the 4th month, I sold my first 15,000 USD deal. Then, I got stuck again at 50,000 USD deals for 9 months. Until I finally closed a 100,000 USD and a 120,000 USD deal. Now, you might ask – how did I overcome my negative feelings to see those results? First of all: Can you allow yourself to feel bad? Who said that feeling bad is “bad”? You see, life consists of opposites – dark and light, happiness and sadness. If you are feeling frustrated, angry, or overwhelmed – stay with the feeling. Don’t try to escape it. This is what society has conditioned you to do. “If you feel bad, do something that makes you happy.” “Watch Netflix, eat something tasty, check your favorite influencer on social media.” If you escape, you'll only suppress those negative emotions. You might feel better for a moment because of the rush of dopamine. But you’ll have to deal with those emotions anyway. The wiser thing to do is to confront them, instead of running from them. When you feel frustrated, angry, or overwhelmed — stay in that feeling. Don’t judge yourself for feeling bad. Let the bad feelings in and acknowledge them. I know it sounds strange, but this works. It will feel uncomfortable. It can be a bit painful. But you have to feel through the negative emotions. See how much better you feel when you’ve accepted them in the moment. They are not as bad anymore, right? That’s the power of processing your negative emotions correctly. If you remind yourself to do this every time you have strong negative feelings, your life will change. You see, energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. This is known as the law of conservation of energy – a fundamental law in physics.
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Thank you so much. I needed to hear this too! 🙏🙏
How To Know What To Focus On (This Could 10x Your Business):
This is the harsh truth: Most entrepreneurs have lost the ability to focus. They can’t discern noise from signal anymore. They jump from one tactic to another without seeing results. Here’s how to know what to focus on (this could 10x your business): 1/ Get self-aware It’s easy to get lost in the daily grind. You might think you are making progress, but are you? Reflect on your long-term goals. This will redirect your focus to what matters. 2/ Take a snapshot You can only improve what you measure. How are you spending your time? Track every single activity for a week. This will give you objective data. 3/ Analyze your activities Look at every activity without judging yourself. Which activities are increasing your chances of success? Place these on the right side of a column. Which activities are decreasing your chances of success? Place these on the left side of a column. 4/ Set the foundations You are a human, not a machine. Set the foundations for optimal performance. Use your calendar: - block out 8 hours for sleep - block 4 hours for deep work - block 2 hours for lunch & dinner - block 1 hour for exercise 5/ Identify your highest-leverage move Use first principles in your business. How can I get clients? Example: By reaching out to prospects. How can I reach out to prospects? Example: By making 30 dm’s every day in niche groups. 6/ Do high-leverage tasks first Focus the first 2 hours of your work day on your MIT. MIT = most important task. Put your phone on airplane, open only necessary tabs. Do the work. 7/ Resist shiny objects The grass isn’t greener on the other side. You will be tempted to try a new method. This is the nature of entrepreneurship. But you must guard your focus from these seductions. 8/ Commit at least 30 days Consistent output is the only thing you can control. Do your highest-leverage activity first. It can be boring, but necessary predictable growth. 9/ Don’t try to be sophisticated.
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Amazing, thank you! Love the foundations for optimal performance. That’s a game changer 🙌
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@Hamzah Salim So true! Big aha for me, thank you!
How I Save 10-20 Hours A Week In My Business
If you are an entrepreneur and don't have systems in place, you're seriously limiting your growth. The world is becoming more and more complex. And as an entrepreneur, you must protect your focus and energy. Having SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) has been a game-changer in my business. To give you an example, making YouTube videos involves many steps. From idea generation and scripting to editing, thumbnails, and publishing. All those tasks can easily overwhelm you. At the beginning of my YouTube journey, I just winged it. I produced content but my process was all over the place. Making YouTube videos became stressful alongside running my business. So, I began documenting every step in detail in my YouTube process. When I did this, I became a machine at creating content. Before having SOPs, 1 YouTube video would take me over 20 hours. Now I can record 4 YouTube videos in 5 hours. Doing this alone has probably saved me 20-30 hours each week. (no exaggeration) So, which part of your business and life is systemized? PS: If you found this post valuable, please let me know in the comments. I consider posting more in-depth content in the future.
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Yes so helpful!
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