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Hey everyone, I'm Hamzah, currently based in Switzerland. I left my 6 figure corporate job in a big media company last summer after generating over $2,300,000 in media sales in 19 months (I know sounds wild). That resulted in a 6 figure commission that gave me time, location, and financial freedom to go all into my vision. But first I went to Italy for a break and planned my next moves. I’ve been studying and applying self-mastery for 7 years and the results that I’ve gotten in my life are incredible. So, I decided to build my brand by teaching self-mastery on social media, always keeping the ambitious entrepreneur in mind. In 10 months, I grew my YouTube channel to almost 1k subs and my IG to 1500 after posting almost 500 videos on self-mastery for entrepreneurs. Luckily, I built a small but very receptive audience. I started getting amazing messages about how much my guidance helped them. Aspiring and established entrepreneurs started to reach out to me and I love helping them get results. At the moment, I mainly work with entrepreneurs who are at 5k-10k/month and want to scale to 20k-80k/month in 12 months or less through self-mastery. Typically, they already have a working business model or a strategy that would help them scale. But the main problems they face is not a tactical or strategical one – it is a lack of confidence, inconsistent performance, not able to control their mind/emotions and in general lack of clarity in their life that is preventing them from scaling. Essentially, a mindset problem. And this is where I come to help. My mission is to help ambitious entrepreneurs live the lives of their dreams by mastering themselves. I’m interested in self-mastery, philosophy, history, fundamental sciences, psychology, and business. Looking to learn and connect with like-minded people with strong visions and solid principles.
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@Zahida A Khan Not sure what you mean. My YouTube channel is linked to my Skool profile.
How To End Self-Sabotage In Your Business (In 5 Minutes A Day)
Have you ever felt like you take one step forward and two steps back in your business? Experiencing the constant ups and downs in your business. One week, you are making sales and are on top of your game. But the next week you don’t make any sales and your productivity is close to zero. As if there is a hidden force preventing you from making progress in your business. Why do you keep sabotaging your progress? The root cause is not a lack of business strategy or productivity tactic, it's your self-image. "The strongest force in the human personality is the need to stay consistent in how we define ourselves." –Tony Robbins Your self-image shapes how you perceive the world. And how you perceive the world determines what kind of actions or lack thereof you take. But what is the self-image? The self-image is how you see and think about yourself. Have you ever achieved a new level of success and had thoughts like you don't deserve it? Or have you ever worried about what would happen if you became successful? Here are some factors that cause self-sabotage: - I'm not good enough - Fear of failure - Fear of success For example, self-sabotage prevents you from reaching out to a bigger prospect you know you could help. But because this prospect is outside of your "league", you revert back to smaller prospects. So, what is the solution to this? You have to create a new self-image that aligns with your business goals. But first, you have to identify the root cause of your self-sabotage. Pull up a journal and reflect on why you sabotage yourself. Imagine yourself achieving your business goals. As you do this, notice the negative voice in your head. What does it say? Write down the negative statements and fears. These are the hidden enemies that were secretly holding you back. When you get clear on the root causes, it's time to use the power of visualization. Imagine yourself doing the hard things in your business perfectly. Make the image in your mind as detailed as possible.
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How To Break Your Hidden Limiting Beliefs To Scale Your Business (Step By Step Guide)
Most entrepreneurs think a new business tactic is the key to scaling. But the real bottleneck is often a limiting belief, not a new strategy. A step-by-step guide on how to break your hidden limiting beliefs to scale your business: --- For context I've: - studied and applied self-mastery for 7 years - broken my limiting beliefs to close $120,000 deals in my sales career Breaking your limiting beliefs is one of the highest ROI things you can do to scale your business. --- Identify your limiting beliefs Reflect on your inner dialogue when you face a business problem. Notice your negative language patterns. For example, you lose 4 sales calls in a row. What is your self-talk? "I'm bad at sales" You have to know your limiting beliefs first to break them. --- Challenge limiting beliefs "If you question anything enough, you'll begin to doubt it" - Tony Robbins Ask yourself if the belief is really true and if it is serving your goals. Look for evidence in the past, doesn't matter how small. Could be a sales call that you closed a long-time ago. Actively look for evidence of how that limiting belief is not true. This is how you start to break those beliefs that are holding you back. --- Rewrite the belief Create a new empowering belief by reframing the limiting belief. Instead of, "I'm bad at sales" change it to "I'm becoming great at sales" When you reframe the belief, your mind will look for evidence to support your new belief. Psychologists call it confirmation bias. Ever wanted a car so badly that you started to see it suddenly everywhere? There is a part of our brain called RAS (Reticular Activating System) Its job is to confirm our reality based on our strongest beliefs. Understanding this principle transformed my mindset. --- Install the new belief You have to stack proof in your mind by taking action. This is the fastest way to install empowering beliefs. Even if you lose another sales call, look for the slightest proof of success.
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@Gabriela Toderean Thank you for your comment. Maybe some parts of my post were not precise enough. When you follow this method, you will naturally identify core limiting beliefs like "I'm not good enough", "I'm not confident" etc. Therefore the goal is to change those few. I'd never suggest to come up with a big list and work through them one by one. That would be insanity lol. Yes you are right, you can directly instill a new identity. But a new identity still consists of core beliefs. Identity change and core belief work go hand in hand. But for people who haven't done this inner work, working on core beliefs moves the needle faster.
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@Karen Luniw I appreciate your thoughtful comment. Yes, we are doing important work and I'm very much aligned with what you said. Keep doing what you are doing!
How To Use Your Dark Side To Maximize Your Content Creation (Shadow Work Guide)
If you are not using your dark side, you are seriously limiting your potential as an entrepreneur. — For context In 2020 I had -$1000 in my bank account. I discovered shadow work through a self-mastery mentor. I applied these hidden principles and started to change as a person. 2 years later, I generated over $2,300,000 in sales in my career. I’m stating this result because for most of you the money is the measure stick. I found more joy in the person that I’ve become than the financial “success”. Anyway, let’s start. — Why is the shadow important? “Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate” - Carl Jung Most entrepreneurs are run by their biases. Recognizing and integrating your shadow helps you make better decisions in your life and business. — What is the shadow? The shadow is the dark side of your personality. We unconsciously reject or repress this dark side because they are socially unacceptable. Could be “negative” traits like aggressiveness or perfectionism. Now, let's use your dark side for serious growth. — Step 1 - Identify your triggers. Notice when you react strongly. These emotional responses are clues to your rejected parts. Ask, "What specific character traits am I reacting to?" Self-awareness is the gateway to profound transformation. — Step 2 - Journal Write about the traits you dislike most in others. Often, they mirror parts of your personality that you deny. For example, you could dislike judgemental people. But as you reflect, you also tend to judge people to an extent. Write your discoveries down. — Step 3 - Go deep within yourself Ask yourself why you resonate with certain traits and dislike others. Your internal dialogue can uncover deeper truths about your dark side. Set aside time for self-reflection and ask probing questions about your reactions. — Step 4 - Integrate your dark side Recognize that your dark side is a part of who you are. Use this awareness to adjust your behaviors for maximum growth.
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@Mark Van Dyke Well said!
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@Wael Moosa You shared a great example of integrating your shadow/dark side. Amazing!
If You Lack Clarity in Your Life or Business, Read This Step By Step Guide (Save this!)
At 25, I felt lost. I always wanted to live life on my own terms and a business that I love. But I was not clear on what I wanted. I knew once I got clear on what it was, I would take action. "But what is it that I want to do for the rest of my life?" This question haunted me for years. In my search, I found a wise mentor who taught me about core values. I did what he told me and got massive clarity in my life. Once I identified my core values, I felt powerful and inspired. For the first time in my life, I had absolute certainty about my direction. - Two years later, I generated over $2,300,000 in sales in my career - Doing work that I love and that impacts over 100,000 people. - I am in the best shape of my life and have tons of energy - Living life on my own terms and helping others do the same I'm not saying this to brag in any way. One of my mentors, Robin Sharma, said, "Clarity is the DNA of mastery." --- Why are core values so crucial? Few people talk about values when it comes to business and life. Core values are the fundamental principles that guide your behavior and decisions. Think of it as a part of your identity, representing what is truly important to you. Most people's core values are subconscious because they haven't done the work. That's why you see the conflict between what you say you want and what your actions tell about what you want. Companies list values like "customer-centric" on their website but act differently in practice. There is no alignment. If you don't define your own values, you will live in other people's values and be told what to do. How to identify your core values "The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask." – Tony Robbins Block out 15 minutes for this exercise and answer the following questions. Trust me, it will be so worth in your life and business. --- # STEP 1 - In which three ways do you spend your time? You always make time for things that are really important to you.
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