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Welcome to the Skool! The goal of this group is to help coaches, course creators, and agency owners scale with YouTube Ads. Here at, we've spent over $50m on YouTube Ads in the last 3-years for the biggest names/brands in the info-marketing industry. Our mission is to educate the world through advertising, as we believe that the right information, presented to the right person, at the right time, with the right offer, can change their lives forever! But to do this profitably, you need to learn how to create and run ads that convert cold traffic into high-ticket clients... and that's exactly why we created this free Skool group :) So start here by checking out these links: - Classroom - Mastermind - YouTube - Twitter - Work With Inside of the classroom, you'll see that we give you access to our agency's entire YouTube Ads creative module, but some of the other modules are LOCKED... To unlock them, you have to "level up" by getting likes on your posts or comments inside the community. This encourages everyone to be active inside the group and share valuable content so that you can unlock more free bonuses and level up on the leaderboard. NOTE: This does not mean spam everyone by posting a bunch of irrelevant things OR start liking your own posts/comments, those don't count contribute towards your level anyways. Also, if you're just here to look around, be a spectator, and simply take from the group but not give anything back in return... you will be kicked after 30-days of inactivity. Skool allows us to see when you're last active, so we'll clean house every month and ensure this group remains high-quality. To kick things off, please comment below introducing yourself. Let us know: 1. Your name 2. Your business, what you do and who you help 3. What project you're currently focused on
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Thanks for putting this together @Brian Moncada!! Love Skool. I'm a student in Cole Gordon's RCA currently but while I'm learning how to be a high ticket closer I work full time in digital marketing and have a smallllll agency on the side with just a couple clients, that I'm looking to loose after I land something as a high ticket closer. Been loving your YouTube content and caught your recent interview with Ravi Abuvala, great stuff! Super stoked to be here and learn from a master of YouTube ads. Let's GOOOOO!!!!
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Lover of media and marketing. Ready for the next chapter in the world of remote closing.

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