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Membership Questions
Quick question... I just setup Skool payments for my membership. After they sign up and put their card on file and join, I noticed they are bypassing the 3 membership questions. I need them to fill these out to trigger the zapier integration to add them to my member email list and send the automated email sequences from my email autoresponder. At the moment, I see they are bypassing the questions after joining. Can anyone share how I can get them to see the 3 questions before being accepted to join the community so they can be added to the automation? Thank you! ๐Ÿ™
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@Sam Ovens I love you man! Hold me to it, I am personally bringing 1,000 community creators to Skool this year... my #1 focus right now
Jan 18ย 
Introducing "The Skool Games"
There's two sides to building a business online: Tools and Training on how to use those tools. The problem with training is opinions. There are so many opinions, they contradict each-other, and it's hard to know what to do. If only there was a way to see what's working now in realtime... Introducing The Skool Games โ€”ย a fun way to build your own business with other people โ€”ย where the training comes from the winners fresh every month. Here's how it works: 1. Skool group owners that want to play can join The Skool Games group 2. You drive traffic to your group, get customers, and grow your MRR 3. Leaderboards show who's adding the most New MRR each month in realtime 4. The top 10 on the leaderboards win 1-day with @Alex Hormozi and me at his Vegas HQ where we share what we did to win and collaborate to find ways to improve (we'll record the whole thing) 5. Everybody who gets 3 paid members to join their group will unlock the 1-day recordings so you can hear directly from the winners and be a fly on the wall so you can up your game 6. Every month theres a new chance to win. If you don't win the first month, you'll learn from the winners in the 1-day recordings where they share exactly what they did to win We're basically crowdsourcing the best strategies and tactics to make money online doing what you love. We're not telling you what to do, we want you to be creative and try new things. We're all playing the same game. Different people are good at different things, let's see who can figure out each part of the equation and come together to form the ultimate way to play. If we evolve the training and the tool (Skool) in a constant monthly improvement loop, this industry will innovate at a pace we've never seen before. I can't wait! We know people are using Skool in different ways, and that's awesome. Keep using Skool however you want, The Skool Games are totally optional and the discussions will happen in a separate group.
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This is awesome, so stoked for this
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@Marvin Weiss yes that's correct
New to Skool. Who dis?
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Alex + Sam = Freedom for the People ๐Ÿš€
159 Members & 1305+ comments on one post in 5 Days
Engagement in my membership has been on fire! I want to share with anyone here who has a membership community on what is working well to get all of my members logging into Skool daily to engage in the community. This year I decided to host a challenge each month for our members. January's theme is our "31 Day Content Stretch". We got 85% of our members to commit to posting 1 written post per day to a social media platform of their choice. The Rules: 1. Post a written post every day on one social media platform 2. Each day the must go back to the pinned post and comment Day # Complete: (Insert post URL) 3. My assistant tracks their completed posts in Airtable 4. Prize: Anyone who finishes all 31 days gets a personalized content audit from me 5. Consequence: Each day they miss, I invite them to donate $5 to our House Build Charity that I will match all donations at the end of the month. People are leveling up the leaderboard faster than ever, logging in daily, contributing to the community, going through the course curriculum, and call attendance was a record breaker this week. I plan on hosting a monthly challenge each month of the year to continue this trend. Hope this supports you with some ideas for your own communities. Feel free to drop any questions you have! ๐Ÿ‘‡
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@Sid Sahasrabuddhe oh no way!
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@Robbie Page we are doing a reel challenge for February. I wanted to get them started with written to practice writing their scripts out for next month
Is there any affiliate program connected to skool so my members can get paid to refer others?
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Yep. The best part is if someone comes to skool because you invited them to join your community, and they go create their community, even without your affiliate link, youโ€™ll still get commission for their sign up
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