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Thumbnail Feedback? 🙏
I wish I asked for more feedback but I'm afraid what people will say (yes me too). But this Sunday is an important YouTube video so I wanted to ask you and get your opinion. Which one do you like better, any feedback?
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“Automate 97%” Drop the last line. Use the title to give more detail. Not in love with the words. But don’t hate it either. To me 97% sounds fake. Other thumbnail ideas. Content automation made easy Content automation for newbies How to: Content Automation Automate Youtube content EASY Automate Content
🎥 Studio Winner(S) Everyone wins! 🎉
Hey Everyone! Thanks for playing along with the studio competition! @Sov Sam took the $25 prize! It's an awesome setup! I didn't intend for it to be a competition but @Akassh Ashok Gupta suggested I should, it sounded fun, do I did it! I'm learning a lot about running a community. It's great getting feedback from everyone, it helps me a lot. Always throw out your ideas on how I can make this place better! Feel free to DM me with any. I learned a lot from everyone during this process as well. I wasn't too specific about rules/criteria and bias, and got great feedback from @Wendy Dixon-Jewitt, @Trey Tanella and more! So thank you 🙏 I want to reward EVERYONE who played along as well, so everyone who submitted a pic will also get a $10 amazon gift card. Everyone below—please DM with the best email to use (let me know if I missed you) @Akassh Ashok Gupta @Tom Tran @Torsten Frakemöller @Wendy Dixon-Jewitt @Jonathan Renard @Sahil Pandit @Croix Sather @Jeff Baer @Mayur J @Brian Akhtar @Shannon Atkinson @Alex Smith @Victor Sirgado (if I missed you, let me know)
New comment Feb 27
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That is a clean studio set-up. Love it. Congrats
🗳️ Vote On The Best Studio Setup! Winner gets $25 Gift Cart
Hey Guys, Need your help voting on the best studio setup! 🙏 And thanks everyone for playing along and posting your set up. I took 4 studios in random order and put a RED #1, 2, 3 or 4 in the corner of the image so you could see which one was which. And then you could make your vote. If I didn't select you, sorry! They were all great, but I had to pick 4. We'll leave this up until Friday evening, then we'll declare the winner!
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@Stephen G. Pope I just playing. It's all good. But thanks for the reply.
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@Jeff Baer it’s always a great place for a beer. Haha
Win a $25 Visa Gift Card! Post Your Studio Setup
Drop your recording or studio setup, I'll go first! We'll take the top three from here and put it to a community vote!! Winner gets the gift card! And don't be shy, I posted mine with dust and all.
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@Brian Akhtar I read up on the cloudlifter. It gives boost for a better sounds. Never used it, so don't know how much of a difference it makes. But it looks like it can easily fit into a bag without taking up barely any space. Try it without the cloudlifter and please let me know if there is a big difference. I'd love to know.
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@Brian Akhtar Now that I have thought about it. I pre-amp would be helpful because the sounds is often "light." And could use more power and amp. I work in areas that have a lot of background noise. I live in a city and there is a constant humm and then often traffic or construction noise. So I am curious to see what a preamp will do. Better or worse in my situation. Thanks for share your advice and experience.
🎹 What do you do OUTSIDE of business? I play piano.
I'm an INTJ, I keep to myself, build stuff, and then try to sell it (I've done that my entire life). I've spent only 2-3 years inside a company as an employee. I'm 45 now. Sometimes I forget to be human, so I thought I'd share something personal. I'm a musician. When I was in college I started getting into techno and I became a DJ. Then I started making electronic music, making beats... but I got a little tired of just pressing buttons and experimenting all the time. So then I started taking piano lessons at 25 years old. Classical to start, then I got tired of having to make every note PERFECT. So I found jazz. I love that you could learn a framework and just play, with people, without having to make every note perfect. In fact the mistakes could be made to sound awesome! 10 years later I found myself inside the Jazz Conservatory in Berkley California playing with kids half my age. I loved walking into a room, not saying a word, and then jamming with people. A little nod and a smile to the bassist was all it took to communicate something profound in the moment. Speaking of the moment. I think that's what I love most about music. You're in the moment! Or you should be. What do you do outside of work? Let's get to know each other a little bit. Let us know in the comments!
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@Mark Stafford You know, that is a brilliant idea. I've used other things in my past as a reward when I achieve something. I think I need to make a Harley Fatboy as my reward when I achieve a milestone. Thanks for the idea.
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@Bettina Brandt will do. Thanks.
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